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Toronto: Théâtre français de Toronto and Jamii present “La Bulle” August 31-September 5

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

This summer, CORPUS, Théâtre français de Toronto (TfT) & Jamii are teaming up to present La Bulle, a visually stunning and poetic solo performance from the minds of David Danzon and Carolin Lindner. Presented from August 31 to September 5, 2021, at the Berkeley Castle Courtyard, this silent outdoor event marks the first scheduled theatrical presentation for TfT since the beginning of the health crisis in 2020. Placing safety center stage, it heralds a new beginning for the companies, and a new priority, ensuring high quality and thought-provoking entertainment while abiding to public health measures.

SHOW DESCRIPTION: La Bulle features a one-of-a-kind bubble tent (a character in its own right) and its sole inhabitant: Pierrot, the iconic dreamer. Confined together, they live in transparent symbiosis. In this theatrical setting, there is nowhere to hide -- an absurd situation, fully exploited with humour by a lucid and lunar Pierrot. Through mime, dance, text, even drawing, and without uttering a single word, he connects with his audience. Dressed in his classic black and white costume and make-up, he manages to create bonds with those willing to spare him a little time. Embracing solitude whole-heartedly, the romantic loner swims freely like a fish in water in the realm of dreams. Poetry and humour are always at his side, true to CORPUS’ vocation.

Conceived before COVID-19, La Bulle was already meant to explore themes of social distancing and solitude before it became a concern for all. This new original work also speaks of an equally contemporary paradox: achieving privacy in an increasingly exposed and monitored world.


Co-founded in 1997 by Sylvie Bouchard and artistic director David Danzon, CORPUS is known for its precise and surrealist humour that combines movement with theatrical imagery. CORPUS’ unique and engaging performances are presented in both traditional and unusual locations for large and diverse audiences.

Théâtre français de Toronto (TfT) is a French-language theatre company presenting classical as well as original new works since 1967. It promotes and represents theatrical vitality among all communities as well as within Toronto’ school system.

Jamii (Swahili for “community”) is an arts organization with the intent of building community and nurturing young women in leadership. By creating shared memorable arts-based experiences, Jamii is on a mission to bring Esplanadians closer together to form greater social cohesion and bonded community.

Photo: La Bulle. © 2021 Muriel Cavanhac.