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Hamilton: Theatre Aquarius announces Porch Light Theatre as its 2022 Company in Residence

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

We are so excited to announce our 2022 Company In Residence: Porch Light Theatre Hamilton.

Porch Light Theatre is a Hamilton-based collective dedicated to the development and support of emerging and professional Theatre Artists / Storytellers. They exist to build a space that amplifies the voices of marginalized theatre artists from the greater Hamilton area, taking their stories and playwriting explorations to the next level of development, all the while paying them a living wage.

A perfect partner, and one we are so excited to collaborate with.

"Drawing from Mary Francis and Jennie’s long history of drama and education, Porch Light Theatre members Aaron Jan and Karen Ancheta will collaborate on building programming and curriculum for both THE HOUSE KEY PROJECT and THE DRIVEWAY PROJECT. Alongside this, Porch Light Theatre will engage in conversations, classes and practical activities with Theatre Aquarius staff that will increase our capacity for dramaturgy, safe space building, sponsorship, new play development, building community trust and programming. This mentorship will occur throughout our time at Theatre Aquarius and will culminate in the above two activities." - Aaron Jan

Visit Porch Light Theatre at www.porchlight-theatre.