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St. Catharines: The Norm Foster Theatre Festival announces “Wildly Romantic” – its first film

Tuesday, January 25, 2022

We are thrilled to announce we are releasing our very first Foster Feature Film as a special Valentine's Day event!

We have been very busy during the latest lockdown here at The Norm Foster Theatre Festival, rehearsing our world premiere production of Norm Foster's Wildly Romantic. Despite another round of restrictions, the Festival has remained creative and resilient, once again reaching outside-the-box to find new ways to deliver our trademark humour with heart to our audiences. Foster Fans from around the globe will be able to enjoy this hilarious, romantic comedy written by Canada's most celebrated playwright.

Tickets go on sale on Tuesday, February 1. All pre-sale ticketholders will be sent a viewing link for the premiere on February 14th - available on-demand through streaming on our website. Ticketholders will be able to view the film for up to a week following the premiere or, if you purchase tickets after the premiere, a week following your purchase date.

Set in the offices of a radio station in St. Catharines, Wildly Romantic is a full-out romantic comedy. The Station Manager discovers that her romantic partner who is the “morning man” has been canoodling with the “all night girl”. She gives him the heave-ho and hires a new guy on the spot – experience not required! Add in her Executive Assistant and an inept lawyer looking to sue and wait for the sparks to fly. This is an absolutely delightful comedy by Canada’s favourite playwright that will leave you laughing right up to the end!

Wildly Romantic premieres on Valentine's Day which is also Norm Foster's 73rd birthday!

The cast includes Kirsten Alter as Diane, Jacob James as Sonny, David Leyshon as Eugene and Emily Oriold as Katie. Directed by Jane Spence.