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Toronto: Carnival Diablo presents “Reliquary” at the RED Sandcastle Theatre March 9-13

Wednesday, January 26, 2022

From the person that brought you Carnival Diablo The Ultimate Sideshow comes a show that delves deep into the bottomless pool of Fear and the Bizarre. Scott McClelland (The Paranormal Show) takes you on a journey into a realm of intrigue and mystical rituals as he opens Cursed Reliquaries and lets loose things that have remained in the darkness for centuries. Is the world of the Supernatural real? By the pricking of my thumbs... something wicked this way comes…

“…an evening with Carnival Diablo is a guilty pleasure and one you'll never forget!” -Tim Miller Entertainment, TLC and the Discovery Channel

This partnership production with Eldritch Theatre, is the first show at the RED Sandcastle Theatre to be marked with the Eldritch Eye, an icon that patrons can see on a poster or social media post that designates this event is Eldritch approved and deserving of your attention. It’s the equivalent of two mummified thumbs up!

“This show is real and real outrageous. Carnival Diablo is the FUTURE OF SIDESHOW!!!” - OMNI Magazine


Created & Performed by Scott McClelland


March 9th to 13th, 2021



$30 (+tax)

Preview on March 9th $25 (+tax)

Premiering at the RED Sandcastle Theatre

922 Queen Street E

Toronto ON M4M 2J5


WARNING: 14+ Strange and Unusual performances

About Carnival Diablo

Scott's productions have been showcased on A&E, TLC, The National Geographic Channel and CBC. For three decades he has toured North America with his own Circus Sideshow 'Carnival Diablo', filled theatres with curious patrons during The Paranormal Show and opened his home, 'The Diablo Manor', for a special evening that embodies everything he loves, the 19th Century, the Supernatural, Strange Anomalies, Freaks, Ghosts and Cryptozoology. Now, he will return to Toronto for the first time in 11 years to terrify patrons with the cursed artifacts from his Reliquary.