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Toronto: RED Sandcastle Theatre secures Canada Cultural Spaces Funding

Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Eldritch Theatre, Resident Theatre Company of the RED Sandcastle Theatre in Leslieville, has secured $25,000 in Canada Cultural Spaces Funding to update the lighting and sound system and for COVID19 related safety improvements, including HEPA filtration and improved, flexible seating.

Thanks to the generosity of our patrons who responded to our Repair + Restore donation campaign, Eldritch Theatre has been able to use the mandated Covid lockdown to improve the venue. We have given our storefront a facelift, and begun work inside to optimise audience and stage layouts, create a comfortable backstage area for performers, and to install new technical equipment to help independent theatre creators make their stories come to life.

“Once the plague passes, and doors re-open, I think audiences will be very pleased to discover that the RED Sandcastle has undergone something of a transformation, like Baby Mothra going into a cocoon, and emerging as a fully grown Kaiju.” - Eric Woolfe, Eldritch Theatre’s Director of the Uncanny

When Eldritch Theatre assumed management of the Red Sandcastle on December 1st, 2021, Adrianna Prosser and Eric Woolfe began searching for a way to alert the Red Sandcastle’s patrons about especially noteworthy, exciting, or ground breaking productions occurring in the space. To this end, we too are proud to introduce the “Eldritch Eye”, an icon that patrons can see on a poster or social media post and know that a particular production or rental company is Eldritch approved and deserving of your attention. It’s the equivalent of two mummified thumbs up! Watch for it on upcoming events at

About Eldritch Theatre

The only theatre company in the world to bring you horror, puppets, and magic in one astounding theatrical performance, we make plays that go bump in the night. Eldritch Theatre has won 4 Dora Mavor Awards, and been nominated 25 times. Eldritch also offers youth programming such as puppetry workshops and Dungeons And Dragon storytelling camps for young and older weirdos.


About The Red Sandcastle Theatre

A 50 seat storefront theatre, where anything is possible! Located in Leslieville. In May of 2011, Rosemary Doyle opened the Red Sandcastle Theatre, with the intent of giving theatre artists a canvas. That feeling that anything is possible has become a reality with 922 Queen Street East becoming an artistic hub to rent for creators in theatre, dance, visual art, and music. For the ten year anniversary Eldritch Theatre took over management of the theatre and became the Resident Theatre Company, with Eric Woolfe and Adrianna Prosser as the new team behind RED Sandcastle Theatre.