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Toronto: Roast Master Bash presents “Boom. Roasted. The Roast of The Office” November 2

Tuesday, October 11, 2022

The Office - the most iconic sitcom of this generation - gets sent up in hilariously vicious fashion in BOOM. ROASTED.

Identity theft isn’t a joke, but that still isn’t stopping Canada’s most acclaimed comedians from stepping in the shoes of your favorite Office characters and celebrating the show in especially savage fashion. And when it’s over, you’ll be begging for more. (Ha! That’s what she said.)

Will you even be able to breathe from laughing so hard? Somehow you’ll manage.

CONTENT WARNING: This is a ROAST show. No subject matter is off limits, and no topic is deemed “too far.” While we can promise our main goal is funny first, we can’t promise it’ll be to everyone’s taste. Please exercise discretion when buying tickets!

Your esteemed dais bringing this vision to life :

Tara Henderson as Michael Scott

Ryan Dillon as Jim Halpert

Rebecca Reeds as Pam Beesly

Dave Barclay as Dwight Schrute

Kyle Bergstresser as Andy Bernard

Darren Frost as Kevin Malone

Danton Lamar as Daryl Philbin

Ian MacIntyre as Toby Flenderson

Sarah Ashby as Angela Martin

Anna Menzies as Holly Flax

And even more cast reveals I can’t announce because they’re HUGE surprises. Get your tickets now!

Rivoli 334 Queen St W
Toronto,  ON M5C3A6


Roast Master Sebastiano “Bash” Fazio has established himself as THE roast comic in Canada. His recurring Roast of the Marvel Cinematic Universe continues to sell-out. As do his other productions; The Roast of Harry Potter, The One with his FRIENDS Roast, and A Roast of Ice and Fire. His monthly Marvel vs DC Roast Battle has been featured on Narcity and made its convention debut at the biggest nerd event in Canada, Fan Expo Canada. His go-for-the-jugular style has been sought out by his fellow comedians, as he was asked to ghost write for Roast Battle Canada seasons 1 and 3, on episodes nominated for a Canadian Screen award. Overlook him at your own peril.