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Toronto: Toronto Dance Theatre presents “The Magic of Assembly” February 2-11, 2023

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Toronto Dance Theatre (TDT) is thrilled to announce the details of a new collaborative production from street dance artist Ashley Colours Perez and Toronto-based protest electronic music duo LAL, working in collaboration with TDT Artistic Director Andrew Tay. Bringing together three distinct artistic points of view and aesthetics, The Magic of Assembly is on stage at the Winchester Street Theatre February 2-4 and 9-11, 2023.

Taking on an experimental approach, this new work emerges from provocations between Tay and each of the invited artists, privileging the meeting of artistic practices towards a less linear way to collaborate. They will explore the magic created from the act of assembling with one another as artists, and the irreplaceable experience of gathering to witness performance in the current moment. The work is performed by TDT company members Yuichiro Inoue, Peter Kelly, Megumi Kokuba, Ryan Kostyniuk, Erin Poole, Devon Snell, Margarita Soria, and Roberto Soria, alongside LAL (Rosina Kazi and Nicholas Murray).

The Magic of Assembly is an exciting collaborative work set on eight performers from the TDT ensemble,” shares Tay. “Three distinct artistic points of view have been in conversation to shape this work: My conceptual and experimental approach meets the dynamic energy of street dance (Punking / Whacking) artist Ashley Colours Perez, with this all set to the emotional and political sounds of local electronic music duo LAL. Collectively, we have been seeking to unlock the body magic of the performers, working with their individual corporeal histories to create a truly unique, almost psychedelic physical world. Taking society’s need to assemble and be together as a starting point, we see The Magic of Assembly as a reflection on what it means for bodies to share space in ritual, in celebration and in performance.”

Perez adds, “Working with the TDT company members, Artistic Director Andrew Tay, and LAL for the first time has been an uplifting experience. Intersecting each of our practices has offered many possibilities for embodying art making. With the courage to sing, dance, work and play, the magic is truly in the making.”

Ashley Colours Perez is a Teacher, Dancer, and Choreographer. She is the Co-Artistic Director of Mix Mix Dance Collective. Mix Mix has showcased work at Fall For Dance North (2017), Contemporaneity 3.0 (2019) and represented Canada at the Jeux de la Francophonie (2017) in Abidjan. Ashley’s talent was awarded the 2018 Dora Mavor Moore Award for Outstanding Performance, Ensemble in the Dance Division for Floor’d, presented by Holla Jazz in 2018. With training in funk styles and hip-hop, she later specialized in voguing, waacking and house. Ashley continues to teach street dances with her community classes, Class with Colours.

The Magic of Assembly runs February 2 – 4 and 9 – 11 at the Winchester Street Theatre. Performances are at 7:30pm, with the exception of the February 11 performance which will be at 3:00pm. Tickets are offered on a sliding scale, ranging from $10 to $45 and are available at Audiences can select whichever ticket price option that works best for them. A livestream is scheduled for February 4 (tickets $5-$15), and the recording will remain on demand to ticket holders for 14 days following initial airing. ASL interpretation will be available at the February 9 performance.

The Magic of Assembly

February 2 - 4 and 9 - 11, 2023

7:30 p.m. performances, with exception of February 11 performance at 3:00pm

Livestream available for February 4 performance

Performed by: Yuichiro Inoue, Peter Kelly, Megumi Kokuba, Ryan Kostyniuk, LAL (Rosina Kazi and Nicholas Murray), Erin Poole, Devon Snell, Margarita Soria, Roberto Soria

Choreographer Ashley Colours Perez

Artistic Director Andrew Tay

Composers LAL (Rosina Kazi and Nicholas Murray)

Lighting Designer Gabriel Cropley

Costumer Designer Angela Cabrera

Photo: Andrew Tay, LAL and Ashley Colours Perez.