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Toronto: VOICEBOX: Opera in Concert pays tribute to Father Edward Jackman

Tuesday, February 1, 2022

The New Year offers us challenges and resolutions. More important, it leads us to dream of opportunities and new goals. VOICEBOX: Opera in Concert labours on your behalf, on behalf of the art form and our emerging singers in Canada

Reverend Edward Jackman spent over four decades of his life dedicated to OIC and to the performing arts in the city of Toronto. He was one of Opera in Concert’s staunchest supporters and we gathered at the Edward Jackman Center on November 27, 2021 to pay tribute to him and his wonderful OIC legacy.

Please watch the memorial concert video below - enjoy our singing and our words of praise and appreciation.


Featuring: Colin Ainsworth, Matt Chittick, Lauren Margison, Amy Moodie, Julie Nesrallah, Brett Polegato and Narmina Afandiyeva

Video at

Within this tribute exists much of what has made Opera in Concert a beloved opera company, one that explored the full gamut of the art form featuring some of Canada’s most promising talent. In short, Father Edward Jackman’s commitment to OIC assisted many artists reach pinnacles of triumph at top opera houses in the world including Ben Heppner, Isabel Bayrakdarian, Richard Margison, Russell Braun, Joshua Hopkins, Barbara Hannigan, and Brett Polegato, too long a list for this single page.


Samuel Barber’s VANESSA has been rescheduled for Sunday, April 10, 2022. Lauren Margison, Simona Genga and Scott Rumble make their anticipated OIC debuts in this dramatization of love, ambition and renewal. Timothy Sullivan’s FLORENCE The Lady with the Lamp and Virgil Thomson’s THE MOTHER OF US ALL complete a season filled with drama, melody and diversity. Every single New Year’s resolution will come to reenforce OIC’s commitment to you, to opera and to our young artists.

We are arranging our revised 2022 calendar of performances in the hope that we can meet again at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts soon. We will present our characters and sing our songs and be nurtured in your presence, enveloped by the excellence in performance that you have learned to expect from Opera in Concert.