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Stratford: Nobel Prize-winning playwright Wole Soyinka will speak as part of the Meighen Forum

Tuesday, April 19, 2022

From political prisoner to winning the Nobel Prize in Literature, Wole Soyinka’s career has spanned seventy years and multiple genres. His canon of work from poetry and essays to plays and novels has borne witness to the tragedy and triumphs of his native Nigeria and tenaciously seeks to promote the voice for the African experience across the continent and into the diaspora. 

He joins CBC’s Nahlah Ayed to discuss Chronicles from the Land of the Happiest People on Earth, his first novel in fifty years, and his seminal work Death and the King’s Horseman, performed at the Stratford Festival for the first time.

Time: 10:30am-noon

Place: Avon Theatre


Death and the King’s Horseman

Place: Tom Patterson Theatre


Photo: Wole Soyinka. © Glen Gratty.