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Collingwood: Theatre Collingwood announces a 13-show lineup for The Porchside Festival July 1-28

Monday, May 2, 2022

July is going to be a very exciting month and you are not going to want to miss a show! With 13 different shows in total in the festival, each being performed 3 times, to bring us to 39 performances in 13 spaces.

If you are new to the festival, the shows are performed on or around the porches of Collingwood. Each performance is approximately 1 hour long, and tickets are $30 each plus HST. Please remember to bring your lawn chairs with you to the performances, for a very unique and intimate performance experience. You will be up close to some of Canada’s best!

Check out the lineup today and either shop online at or call the office at 705-445-2200. Tickets are limited.

NEW THIS YEAR – we are partnering with Holly Haire Events and will be offering individual charcuterie boxes for sale during the festival, for you to enjoy at the shows. Each box will consist of cheese, cured meat, fruit, crackers, and other accompaniments. Also bottles or canned water will be supplied as well as napkins. These can be purchased through the office at the price of $15/pp and must be pre-ordered. We were lucky enough to sample them and they are delicious and amazing!

I’d like to thank all our wonderful porch owners for jumping on board to help us stage this festival! We couldn’t do it without you!

Here is your Porchside Festival Lineup! THIRTEEN SHOWS!

 • Shipyard Kitchen Party

Featuring John Eaton (Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, Vocals), Sacha Law (Bass, Vocals) and Jason Murphy (Bodhran, Vocals).

Friday, July 1st 7pm

Saturday, July 2nd 2pm & 7pm

Location: Collingwood Amphitheatre


 • Handsome, But Charmless!

Starring Kyle Golemba & accompanist Adam White

Sunday, July 3rd 7pm

Monday, July 4th 2pm & 7pm

Location: 297 Beech Street, Collingwood

 • Opening to the Mystery

Starring Jake McArthur with musical accents by Violet Roseman on Tibetan Singing Planet Bowls

July 5th at 7pm

July 6th at 2pm & 7pm

Location: 84 Ontario Street, Collingwood

 • Songs of the Silver Screen

Starring Dean Hollin

July 7th at 7pm

July 8th at 2pm & 7pm

Location: 458 Ste. Marie St., Collingwood

 • Gabs Sings Babs

Starring Gabi Epstein with accompanist Mark Camilleri

July 9th at 7pm

July 10th at 2pm & 7pm

Location: 57 St. Lawrence St., Collingwood

 • From Dusty to Dua

Starring Leah Allyce Canali with accompanists Chris Tsujiuchi and Mike Meusel

July 12th at 7pm

July 13th at 2pm & 7pm

Location: 288 Beech St., Collingwood

 • Person of Interest

Written and performed by Melody A. Johnson

Additional dialogue by Eric Woolfe

Original Direction by Rick Roberts

Produced by Lunkamud

July 14th at 7pm

July 15th at 2pm and 7pm

Location: 66 Georgian Manor Dr., Collingwood

 • From Forensics to Theatre: being First-Gen in the arts

An open dialogue about Canadian theatre (with some singing and Tap dance, too!)

Performed by Andrew Prashad

July 16th at 7pm

July 17th at 2pm and 7pm

Location: 30 York Street, Collingwood

 • The Aaron Solomon Show

Starring Aaron Solomon

July 19th at 7pm

July 20th at 2pm and 7pm

Location: 243 Birch St., Collingwood

 • Every Brilliant Thing

Play written by Duncan Macmillan and Jonny Donahoe

From Talk Is Free Theatre

Starring Michael Torontow

July 21st at 7pm

July 22nd at 2pm and 7pm

Location: 275 Third St., Collingwood

 • Sit Down, You’re Rocking the Boat: My Life as a Character Actor

Written and performed by Scott Hurst

July 23rd at 7pm

July 24th at 2pm and 7pm

Location: 9 Callary Cres., Collingwood

 • DRUMS: A People’s Journey

Written and performed by Rudi Quammie Williams

July 25th at 7pm

July 26th at 2pm and 7pm

Location: TBA (to be announced)

 • BROADWAY JUKEBOX: Pop Music Meets Broadway

Written and performed by Deb Fitzsimmons and Greg Gibson

July 27th at 7pm

July 28th at 2pm and 7pm

Location: 240 Maple St., Collingwood

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