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Ottawa: Awards for 2022 Ottawa Fringe Festival announced

Sunday, June 26, 2022


Awards were presented on Sunday, June 26th at Arts Court Theatre. 


Adjudicated by a jury of 8 Ottawa artists, volunteers and patrons, the following awards will be handed out to artists this year.

Outstanding Overall Production: Generic Male: Just What We Need, Another Show About Men

Explosive, athletic, visceral physical theatre ruined by a tragic lack of understanding! Twice listed as “Best of the Fest”, and winning Critics Choice “Best Show” at Orlando Fringe Festival. PUSH Physical Theatre creates a masculinity satire by two well-meaning fools. They argue, dance and desperately cling to the status-quo. “Generic Male” begins a serious journey with a comically absurd premise: Men apologizing for the masculinity show you’re about to see. Hilarious hijinks ensue as they examine the thoughts and assumptions that go unquestioned until they are spoken aloud. It’s about fathers and sons, war and death, and… James Bond. We hope it will empower people to speak up and begin to have the conversation that our characters can’t quite seem to engage in. Are we watching a couple of petty idiots or is this the most insightful piece of theatre of the 21st century? …No

Outstanding Solo Performance: Meatball Séance

Did you hear John Michael has a new boyfriend? Oh yes! You and the new beau are cordially invited to meet John Michael’s mom. But she’s deceased… Sad. So he’s gonna summon her from the dead by cooking her famous meatballs onstage! Yay! Wait, what? Meatball Séance is an interactive comedy. “One of the most outrageous and most original shows we’ll ever see, Don’t miss it -★★★★★, CBC.”

Outstanding Ensemble Performance: @TheMayor

Gruppo Rubato returns to the Fringe for the first time in 15 years with a new political satire! As he debates whether or not to seek re-election, the Mayor is looking to secure his legacy – but his signature project, the UpTown Entertainment District, is going bust. Meanwhile, he’s being sued by a group of citizens for his actions on Twitter, and trying to get an important council vote to go his way, all while protesters camp out in front of his office. Oh, and now there’s a sinkhole… but at least the trains run on time! Written and directed by Patrick Gauthier, and featuring Ottawa all-stars Maryse Fernandes, Victoria Luloff, Mitchel Rose, and Will Somer

Outstanding New Work: Arthur Bampot and the Case of the Kept Man

A valuable antique husband has been stolen! What’s a dame to do? Film noir has never made less sense as dame and detective careen after a dastardly criminal, avoiding traps, thugs, and logic at every turn. Can they rescue the captured consort before he ends up on the black market? Can they defeat the same actor in several different hats? And can they do all this without making too much of a fuss?

Emerging Artist Award: Velvet Wells, (Re)Tired Magical Black Man

After a lifetime of being taken for granted, dJerald the Djinn discovers the joy of being magical for their community and themselves. With help from their human and puppet friends, and maybe even you, dJerald unretires to fulfill an impossible wish – stealing World Peace from the oligarchs. This satirical, self-reflective caper comedy is the fourth production for Velvet Duke Productions.

Jury’s Choice Award: Eleanor’s Story: An American Girl in Hitler’s Germany

Eleanor Ramrath Garner’s best-selling memoir, detailing her youth as an American caught in WWII Berlin, adapted into an internationally award-winning performance by her granddaughter Ingrid Garner. 5-STARS “A rare intimacy, superb storytelling and a truly important story to tell.” – Adelaide Theatre Guide “BEST OF FEST” Edmonton Fringe 2015 SOLD OUT Winnipeg, Edmonton, & Adelaide Fringe 2015