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Stratford: SpringWorks presents a “World in a Weekend” puppet festival August 4-7

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

SpringWorks has announced its programming for its World in a Weekend festival running August 4-7, 2022:

Metamorphosis - world renowned Icelandic puppet show

By World's of Puppets Bernd Ogrodnik

Ages 6+

Run time: 1 hour

“Metamorphosis” is a collection of original short stories not told with words, but with the metaphorical grace of Puppets. The context of the vignettes ranges from the trivial to the metaphysical. A strong emphasis lies on imagery, made possible through the surrealistic quality inherent in Puppets.

Wood/Bois - found object puppetry for all ages

By Puzzle Theatre

Ages 4+

45 mins with Q&A

A green leaf that grows on a dead branch, pieces of wood that come together to form strange creatures, some hostile, some comical… A curious world that surprises, amazes, and inspires. A world that also makes you think and wonder. Without words / sans parole

Cache Cache - interactive puppet walk and workshop

By Puzzle Theatre

Age 6+

It is a playful journey in the forest where the artists and the public while walking together discover and give life to unique, funny or mystical fairground creatures hidden among trees and rocks in the park. It is a unique puppet walk where kids and grown ups, using their imagination and creativity, could find behind every twig a knight, behind every leaf a butterfly, behind every branch a dragon…

Tricyckle - late night puppet show

By Les Sages Fous

Age 9+

A renegade “carny” from the Fairground rides a tricycle and pulls a trailer full of objects that seem most insignificant; boxes and scraps of things rusted and broken. However, hidden within is a deep mystery of buried memories and fragmented dreams. His Tricycle becomes his accomplice; transforming itself at moments into a Wheel of Fortune, a Ferris Wheel, a Punch Clock, a Beautiful Woman and a Beast. His Trailer and the boxes within it reveal secrets; changing into cityscapes, back alleys, cargo ships and fairgrounds.

Go Home Tiny Monster - FREE outdoor puppet show for all ages

By The Gottabees

Ages 3+

One day, Sylvie and her family of homespun creatures find themselves in need of a new home. Luckily, they have an audience full of people that can help them!

Garden for Little Souls - FREE interactive playground for young children

By Théâtre des Petites Âmes

Ages 1-7

Come play with us!

Created in May 2018… in constant evolution.

A playful and sensory garden in the city is what the Théâtre des Petites Âmes offers with its interactive installation “Le Jardin des Petites Âmes”. At child height, the garden offers different stations that the little ones can manipulate, bring to life and resonate. The garden is to be explored at your own pace with all your little ones from 12 months to 7 years old!

Jacques et Zèbrelle - FREE stilt walkers & circus show

By Extravaganz'arts

All Ages

No reservations required!

Jacques falls madly in love with Zèbrelle and will try to seduce her by all means. After having tried without success the traditional poem, card and bouquet of flowers, it is thanks to a metaphor with the theory of relativity of Albert Einstein that Jacques and Zèbrelle will finally get closer.

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