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Toronto: The Toronto Fringe Festival announces its full programming for 2022

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Toronto Fringe is proud to reveal the full program and schedule for the 34th Annual Toronto Fringe Festival July 6 - 17, 2022. Toronto Fringe will be live and in-person at 11 indoor venues across the city with 100 shows featuring drama, dance, comedy, musicals, and solo shows. Audiences are invited to this Toronto summer tradition to explore an eclectic lineup of accessible theatre at an affordable price.

The Toronto Fringe will also host free events and community activities at the popular POSTSCRIPT Patio at the Tranzac Club including the Opening Day Parade on July 6, the Fringe Artist Cabaret on July 8, Youth Night on July 10, plus Kaeja d'Dance activations, buskers, comedy night, community BBQs and more! 

Highlights from the 34th Annual Toronto Fringe include:

PRUDE at Tarragon Theatre Solo Room

By Lou Campbell

PRUDE is a hilarious and high-energy blend of stand-up and drag. The piece begins as a motivational talk by the King of the Party, there to show everyone HOW TO HAVE A GOOD TIME. Slowly, through lip-syncs and mortifying personal tales, they unravel onstage, digging into the complex experience of being an asexual in an (allo)sexual world.

Billy & The Dreamerz at Ada Slaight Hall

By Neil Alan Coombs and Grace Kosaka

Set in the UK of the 1980s, and starring Ma-Anne Dionisio, four young immigrants try to find their way in a white, working-class town. When they win a national music contest, they are awarded the ultimate prize - a tour of the USA. When tragedy strikes, Billy must choose between opportunity and obligation.

Whose Vagina Is It, Really? at Al Green Theatre

By Sandy Daley

Revenge is a dish best served cold, especially if it's by some bible-thumping church ladies. These ladies, come hell or high water, will seek revenge on their womanizing pastor. Come for the laughs, leave with the power!

Critically Acclaimed Superhero Movie: An Improvised Superhero Movie at Native Earth’s Aki Studio

By Jessalyn Ferguson and Jimmer Lowe

You create the Hero. You make up the Villain. You imagine the Powers. You determine the fate of the show...and their universe.

TiBert le Voyageur at KidsFest at St. Vladimir Theatre

By Rob Mao

Join TiBert le Voyageur as he juggles, plays jaw harp and sings during an amazing, family friendly and interactive trek across Canada! 

Meatball Séance at StreetCar Crownest Guloien Theatre

By John Michael

Did you hear John Michael has a new boyfriend? You and the beau are cordially invited to meet John Michael’s mom. But she’s deceased... So he’s gonna summon her from the dead by cooking her famous meatballs onstage! Yay! Wait, what?

Crazy Dave Goes to Town at Native Earth’s Aki Studio

By Daniel David Moses, based on the memoir by Basil Johnston

Based on true events of David Mcleod: a young Indigenous man with Down Syndrome, who is mistaken for a Japanese soldier during WWII. The story explores the consequences of xenophobia in the past while reflecting on its endemic reverberations in the present.

About the Toronto Fringe: Toronto Fringe is a grassroots, charitable organization that runs the Toronto Fringe Festival each July, the Next Stage Theatre Festival each January, and various year-round programs that benefit youth, emerging artists, BIPOC artists, artists with disabilities, and the performing arts community at large. Embedded in Fringe’s operations are the values of Access, Accountability, Creativity, Exploration, and Support.

Toronto Fringe Festival

July 6 - 17, 2022

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