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Orangeville: Theatre Orangeville announces lineup for its Summer Arts Festival

Monday, July 4, 2022

Join us at Mount Alverno Luxury Resorts for a new summer festival of theatre, music and art.

From the best of the Toronto Fringe Festival to Kids Fest; from local musicians to an outdoor art gallery; from our own Young Company to drag queen bingo — there’s something for everyone. 

Just try to be bored.

Need to know more...

Broadway Bound

Rated PG

Join us for a fun-filled, music-filled, sure to get you dancing in your seat-filled night with our Musical Theatre Young Company! Broadway Bound dives into the musical theatre world throughout the ages and catapults its audience into the musical theatre experience as they deliver the trickiest moment of any show: transitioning from scene to song to dance!


Rated 14A

Herbeaver, a Toronto based female sketch comedy group travels north of the city to bring us their fast paced, feminist and absurd comedy through music and satire!

Music Together Class with Pam Scott-Dimetriou - Kidsfest

Rated PG

Join Pam Scott-Dimetriou for a 45 minute Music Together class. Using song, rhythmic rhymes, movement and instrument play to engage young and old alike; your whole family will have a blast singing and dancing along in this informal, interactive experience.

Music Together in Concert - Kidsfest

Rated PG

All children are Musical! Pam Scott-Dimetrious takes to the stage for a Music Together concert experience. Sing, dance and play along to some of your children's favorite songs. While geared for our younger demographic , we promise siblings, parents and guardians alike will have equally as much fun!

Best of Fringe! A&B

Rated 14A

Best of Fringe is back!

Driving to the city isn’t for you? After attending dozens of productions as part of The Toronto Fringe Festival, we have chosen 2 of the very best to bring to you. Show titles will be announced July 15th, but trust us, you won’t want to miss them!

Dungee the Dragon and the Just Okay Juggler - Kidsfest

Rated PG

Journey back in time to the Medieval Ages where the Kingdom of Awesome is under attack by a sassy fire-breathing dragon! The King calls on the Great Knights of the Land to save the day to defeat the dragon, but somehow the job falls on a lonely juggler who must learn to handle three swords (at the same time!) to slay the dragon. Featuring light-hearted humour, a mysterious visitor, a dragon puppet with attitude, and a knife juggling act, this original story will bring laughter and fun to one and all!

Fay and Fluffy Storytime - Kidsfest

Rated PG

Fay & Fluffy, of Family Junior’s The Fabulous Show with Fay and Fluffy, are here to make Storytime a little more FABULOUS (with MUCH more glitter!). Fay and Fluffy’s storytimes are for EVERYONE! With culturally diverse books, a few off key songs, and a supportive and inclusive environment focused on fun, it’s an event enjoyed by everyone willing to have some laughs from babies to grandparents.

Drag Music Bingo with Fluffy Souffle & Performances with Troy Boy Entertainment

Rated 14A

A twist on the classic game we all love. Get Ready to Stamp and Dance! Fluffy Soufle brings a whole new twist to bingo. Spin the records and match the song to your bingo card. Rediscover music from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s … and if that wasn’t enough fun, throw in local favourite drag star TroyBoy Parks and friends and you have a party for the ages!

The Campy Camp Campfire Show - Kidsfest

Rated PG

Join Campy Camp’s Camp Director Dan around the (super safe and not at all real) campfire. Original Songs! Original Stories! Original Fun! ! A summer’s worth of camp fun condensed into a one of a kind sing-along or don’t-sign-along show, it's not like any camp you’re used to!

Interactive Workshop with Dan Boyer - Kidsfest

Rated PG

There's always time for one more song, help Dan write an original tune in a song writing workshop

Nicholas Mustapha Quartet

Rated PG

After an action packed week of Summer Arts Fest programming join Nicholas and his quartet as they play us out with some easy listening swing and jazz music. Soak in the speakeasy atmosphere with a cocktail, enjoy the sunset off the horizon and put off thinking about Monday morning for just a couple more hours.

Wandering Art Gallery - Free Event

The Summer Arts Fest is about more than theatre, it’s about engaging and embracing arts of all kinds. The wandering art gallery takes place on Sunday, August 14th from 4pm - 7pm. It is an unstructured event. Enjoy and engage at your own pace and wander the beautiful Arts Fest grounds as it transforms into an immersive art experience.

- Visual Arts

- Performance Art

- Wearable Art

- Artisan Creations

- Music

- Magic

- Immersive and interactive

… could be anything

Live Music on the Patio - Free Event

Local talent grace our Patio Stage, each bringing their unique sound and style to the festival.

Take time to celebrate, invigorate and be inspired in the way in which our community, artists, and partners can come together to create unique, memorable experiences in a vibrant environment... but what's it really all about? Having FUN!

Call to book your tickets today! Visit  or call 519.942.3423