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Toronto: New Stuff Theatre presents the North American premiere of “Ladies Day” October 19-23

Thursday, September 29, 2022

New Stuff Theatre is proud to present the North American premiere of Ladies Day by Alana Valentine, a hilarious, debaucherous, delightful, and at times devastating play based in Broome, Australia, directed by Ben Sterlin. Ladies Day will run from October 19 to 23 at The Pink Light Stage (202 Bathurst St.). Tickets are available for $25.00 on Eventbrite.

Director and Founder of New Stuff Theatre, Ben Sterlin, discovered Ladies Day while studying abroad in Australia, and felt it was crucial that Toronto audiences know this story. The danger of anonymity with apps like Grindr doesn’t discriminate based on borders. For the amount of incidents of sexual assault that make headlines, there are exponentially more that go unreported and unassailed. Gay communities around the world, including Toronto’s, know this truth too well, and Ladies Day brings this uncomfortable reality to the forefront.

Ladies Day takes audiences on an epic journey of personal reclamation through humour, tenderness and overwhelming beauty,” says Sterlin. “The story shines a light on the silent epidemic of sexual assault and misconduct within gay communities at large. Ladies Day will leave audience members stunned, crushed, and yet hopeful for the future.”

About Ladies Day by Alana Valentine (Australia):

It’s Ladies Day at the Broome races and the divinely beautiful Mike is the toast of the track. But amongst the froth and festivity, a brutal act of violence reminds us that life is not just all swishy hemlines, debonair gents and fascinators galore. This play is about reclaiming one’s agency and narrative in the wake of a debilitating trauma.

Accessibility Info:

There is one entrance/exit to the theatre. If you think you may need to leave the show at any point, we recommend sitting near the door. If you are unable to sit near the door, you are still welcome to leave as necessary, but you may need to cross the stage to do so.

If you have a mobility aid or require an accessibility accommodation, please email play is not recommended for anyone under the age of 16.

Content Advisory:

● Simulated sexual acts and sexual violence

● Simulated violence with weapons

● Depictions of prescription drug abuse and alcohol use

● Discussions of trauma and sexual violence

● Strong language: swearing and homophobic slurs

● Homophobia and lesbophobia

The views expressed by characters in Ladies Day are not necessarily indicative of the views of New Stuff Theatre or its associates.

About New Stuff Theatre:

New Stuff Theatre seeks to be Canada’s foremost presenter of new, contemporary, cutting-edge international plays while cultivating new local artistic voices. The company aims to hire emerging artists of diverse disciplines to stage chic and comprehensive productions of both narratives born from our backyards, and the faraway narratives that are reflected within them.

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