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Toronto: “Buster Canfield Performs Eldritch Evocations with Cards” runs January 27-28

Saturday, January 7, 2023

Step right up! A night of wry sorcery, thaumaturgy and old time marvelosity, inspired by the ghoulish wonder of the Eldritch Theatre Tarot Deck.

Miracle Monger, and mystical charlatan, Buster Canfield will astound and amaze you with a night of vintage black magic, performed entirely with playing cards and nefarious spirits drawn from the Goblin Universe for your entertainment and edification. Eleven incontrovertible miracles shall be performed before your astounded and unblinking eyes, while you giggle in gobsmacked wonder!

Bring your change purse, because you too can bring home the wonder of divination with the unique Eldritch Theatre Tarot Deck, on sale before and after the show!

Buster Canfield Performs Eldritch Evocations with Cards


January 27 @ 7:30-8:30PM

January 28 @ 3:30-4:30PM

at Red Sandcastle Theatre

922 Queen St E, Toronto


$25 At The Door

$20 Advance

$15 for Eldritch Inner Sanctum Members

(not a member? Join us:


*Masks are mandatory in the theatre at all times; no food or drink is allowed inside at this time*