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Barrie: Next up at Talk Is Free Theatre is “Tell You a Story” by Vanessa Smythe April 26-29

Friday, February 10, 2023

“How can we find the magic in our lives? Because we need it, in order to keep going.”

Part poetry, part stand-up, and part serenade, Vanessa Smythe shares poignant, funny, and deeply personal stories about the people we dreamed we’d be – and the memories that remind us of who we truly are. Wry and unafraid to poke fun at herself, Vanessa’s show is a celebration of life’s tricky tight corners, and its enduring, understated joy.

“[S]he’s able to quickly tack between the humour in everyday minutia, and grand, heartfelt observations about big life questions.” – NOW

For these performances, Vanessa and her microphone are joined by her 8-months pregnant stomach.

Tell You a Story

By Vanessa Smythe

At Five Points Theatre

1 Dunlop Street, Barrie

April 26-29, 2023

For tickets visit

Photo: Vanessa Smythe.