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Port Dover: Lighthouse Festival replaces “Sakura: The Last Cherry Blossom Festival” with “Bed & Breakfast”

Wednesday, February 15, 2023

There is an old saying in the theatre world about how the show must go on despite any possible hindrances. If a cast member is ill, you call in the understudy. If a sound system malfunctions, the actors just talk louder. If the theatre catches fire, the production is moved to the front lawn and continues… You catch our drift.

The same cannot be said for replacing irreplaceable actors in order to stay true to the very personal and local story of Port Dover resident Kobi Kobayashi for our 2023 season production of Sakura: The Last Cherry Blossom Festival. Despite valiant efforts, we could not acquire cast members of Japanese descent needed to authentically tell this tale because of the depth and breadth of roles available for these actors right now; it’s a great problem to have if you’re an actor! We are, however, pleased to announce that this production will move to our 2024 Main Season in order to ensure our casting, and the story we’re telling, receive the attention they deserve.

At the same time, we’re very pleased to announce that Bed & Breakfast, a comedic play about two men whose failure to buy a house in Toronto leads them to inherit a bed and breakfast in a small town which, of course, results in all sorts of hilarity in a touching story about fitting in. Written by accomplished playwright and actor Mark Crawford, who wrote Stag and Doe and Birds and the Bees, which were both hits with Lighthouse audiences, and who currently appears in the Toronto production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Bed & Breakfast will run on the same dates and times that Sakura was schedule for.

This is an exciting time for live theatre and we’re looking forward to welcoming you through our doors for Bed & Breakfast in June 2023.


The Lighthouse Team

Bed & Breakfast

Brett and Drew want to move out of their tiny downtown condo and into a house, but they just lost their seventh bidding war in Toronto. When Brett’s beloved Aunt Maggie dies, he unexpectedly inherits the historic family home in a quiet little tourist town. Unhappy with their careers and frustrated by life in the fast-paced city, the couple decides to make the move and start up a B&B. But when the guys face friction in their new community, they discover the simple life is more complicated than they thought…

With more than a few unexpected and hilarious plot-twists, we follow Brett and Drew over the course of one year— through the real estate rat race, renovation hell, a farcical opening weekend at their B&B, and encounters with small-town prejudice—all the way to their big decision: do they stay here or do they pack it all in?

With dozens of characters—male and female, young and old—all portrayed by two men, Bed and Breakfast is a theatrical tour de force. As riotously funny as it is deeply moving, this is a heartfelt comedy about “being out” in small town Canada, skeletons in the closet, and finding a place to call home.