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Toronto: India’s Rangaai Theatre Company makes its Toronto debut April 8-9 with “Darkroom V4.0”

Friday, March 31, 2023

Rangaai Theatre Company, a well-known immersive sensory experience theatre company from India, is thrilled to announce its debut in Toronto. The company's latest production, Darkroom V4.0 - An Immersive Sensory experience, directed by Tushar Tukaram Dalvi, will be showcased at the Red Sandcastle Theatre on April 8th and 9th.

Toronto's theatre scene is about to get a new infusion of immersive sensory theatre thanks to Rangaai Theatre Company. This Mumbai-based theatre company has been pioneering immersive sensory theatre experiences since 2016 and is now bringing its unique approach to Canada. Darkroom V4.0, an immersive sensory storytelling experience, is a multi-lingual production that showcases a series of South Asian stories.

The name Darkroom V4.0 is inspired by the photographic process of developing photographic films onto light-sensitive photographic paper using various techniques. The performance takes place in a black box intimate theatre, where the audience's psyche serves as the photographic paper. With the help of performers, musicians, makeup and lights, sound, and smell, the audience experiences a development process that creates a distinctive twist on the art of storytelling.

The stories in Darkroom V4.0 cover themes such as loss, indignation, and the traumatic state of mind, with trigger warnings for stories of rape and child abuse. The production uses projection, sounds, smell, and live music to evoke Theatre of Cruelty and engage the audience in real-time.

The show is designed and directed by Tushar Tukaram Dalvi, with dramaturg by Akul Anandur, music by Akul Anandur and Tushar Dalvi, and props created and managed by Savita Gaykar. The cast includes Amlan Das, Pradeep Venkatesan, Sachin Gupta, Siddhesh Talpade, Shriyanshi Quanoongo, Shivam Dwivedi, and Tushar Tukaram Dalvi.

The show features three-story segments, including

 •  Khol Do (1952) - Saadat Hasan Manto - English/Urdu - Blindfolded Sensory Experience,

 • Choose A Story - Interactive micro-story segment, and

 • Durga Poojo (A True Story) - Anonymous - English/Bengali - Theatre of Cruelty.

The director of Rangaai Theatre Company, Tushar Tukaram Dalvi, says, "I am super excited to present my work and to have the opportunity to represent the South Asian community in Toronto's theatre scene. We are a team of 1st generation immigrants bringing our stories and our literature to the Canadian audience, and we are confident that Canada's cosmopolitan population will surely love and enjoy our experience."

Tushar Tukaram Dalvi is a seasoned theatre practitioner from Mumbai, now residing in Toronto. He is a multi-disciplinary artist who dabbles in Acting, Directing, Light design, and Film making. He has been acting on stage since 2006 and worked with noteworthy theatre directors in Mumbai. In 2016, he founded the Rangaai Theatre Company which specializes in creating immersive and sensory-based theatrical experiences for intimate and alternate spaces. His work tells compelling stories reflecting contemporary social issues by interweaving fiction, various mediums, and interactive elements.

Rangaai Theatre Company Presents

Darkroom V4.0 - An Immersive Sensory Experience - (SHOW #225)

TRIGGER WARNING! STORIES OF RAPE AND CHILD ABUSE Run Time - 105 Mins | 1hr 45Mins (No Intermission)

Designed & Directed by Tushar Tukaram Dalvi

Dramaturg - Akul Anandur

Music & Sound Design - Akul Anandur & Tushar Tukaram Dalvi

Artistic Production - Savita Gaykar

Marketing & Publicity - RTC Digital Media

Volunteer AD/SM - Garima Uppal


Amlan Das, Karan, Pradeep Venkatesan, Pavitra K, Sachin Gupta, Siddhesh Talpade, Shriyanshi Quanoongo, Shivam Dwivedi, and Tushar Tukaram Dalvi


For evening performances, doors open at 7:10 pm, and the show at 7:30 pm.

For Matinee performances, doors open at 1:40 pm, and the show at 2 pm.

Saturday, 8th April 2023 @ 2 PM (Multi-Lingual Performance) (Post Show Talk-back)

Saturday, 8th April, 2023 @ 7:30 Pm (English Version)

Sunday, 9th April 2023 @ 7:30 Pm (English Version) (Post Show Talk-back)


Student Price: $15

General Seating: $20



Red Sandcastle Theatre, 922 Queen Street East, Toronto, ON, Canada

Box Office: 365-739-3808