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Toronto: The Musical Stage Company will livestream “RETOLD” March 22-24

Friday, March 10, 2023

If you missed out on securing a ticket to RETOLD, good news! The Musical Stage Company is thrilled to announce that the sold out run of RETOLD will be live streaming the March 22, 23, and 24 performances. We're very excited to offer audiences another way to experience this imaginative triptych of short original musicals based on the works of internationally celebrated Canadian author, Mavis Gallant.

Are you d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing? ASL Interpretation will be offered as part of the live streamed performances on March 22 and 23.

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Bookwriter & Lyricist | Kat Sandler

Composer & Lyricist | Adam Sakiyama

Jules has been dating Ed for 10 years and the only thing standing in the way of taking their relationship to the next level is Lena, Ed's not-quite-ex-wife. He needs her signature on divorce papers, so Jules sets up a divorce lunch: a chance to meet and end their marriage. What ensues is a hilariously eventful five star dining experience that doesn't end the way anyone intends. With an entertaining score and unforgettable characters, DIVORCE LUNCH examines the relationships in our lives that no longer serve us, yet are impossible to let go of.

From creators Kat Sandler and Adam Sakiyama, this 30 minute excerpt of a new musical comedy takes inspiration from Mavis Gallant's short story "Edouard, Juliette, & Lena".


Bookwriter & Lyricist | Fatuma Adar

Composer & Lyricist | Ben Elliott

Set in 1930s Montreal, Marigold follows the story of Linnet – a young girl navigating a world where adults are constantly trying to dim her imaginative light. In the topsy-turvy universe of MARIGOLD, where everything seems upright, Linnet's unique perspective on the world finally flourishes and strengthens her sense of self. This magical place isn’t as stable as it appears, though, and soon enough Linnet must confront the negative adults in her life head-on.

Inspired by Mavis Gallant’s “Linnet Muir Stories” and from the creative minds of Fatuma Adar and Ben Elliot, Marigold is an spectacular journey filled with unexpected twists and turns that is sure to transform audiences’ understanding of childhood innocence and the perception of what is real.


Bookwriter | Rose Napoli

Composer & Lyricist | Suzy Wilde

THE CARETTE SISTERS is a captivating and heartfelt new 30-minute musical based on the short story series by Mavis Gallant.

Berthe and Marie are two sisters who couldn’t be more opposite of each other; Berthe is loud, reclusive, and single. Marie is quiet, honest (to a fault), mild-tempered, and newly widowed. Shortly after her husband’s death Marie becomes convinced that he is haunting her. Determined to prove her sister wrong, Berthe, armed with her sharp wit, accompanies her sister into the home only to discover that the house is, in fact, haunted. As they venture to move this spirit on, the two sisters are set on a journey of self-discovery as they come to terms with tragic losses and learn more about each other.

Creators Rose Napoli and Suzy Wilde bring this touching musical to life with humor and tenderness as they show us just how enduring the bond between sisters really is. Accompanied by a breathtaking score, The Carette Sisters is a reminder that our sisters truly are the loves of our lives.