Stage Door News

Ottawa: Tickets for the Classic Theatre Festival are now on sale

Saturday, April 22, 2023

We look forward to welcoming you back to the home of all your Broadway favourites at downtown Ottawa's Classic Theatre Festival.

Until May 1st, you can save 15% on the second show when you order a summer season pass. You can purchase tickets for specific dates, or buy a voucher and pick your dates and seats anytime you like!

It's easy to order online by clicking HERE or by calling us at (613) 695-9330.

What a great season we have in store for you! Our 2023 season will play 8 times per week, with 5 matinees (Wed. to Sun. at 1:30 pm), and 3 evening shows (7:30 pm on Wed., Thurs. and Sat.) in our air conditioned, accessible theatre space at the heritage Arts Court Theatre in downtown Ottawa.

Here’s our 2023 lineup:

 • Affairs of State (July 7-30, 2023) is Louis Verneuil’s classic, rediscovered post-WW2 comedic gem, a funny and intriguing story about the diplomatic deals and double crosses behind closed doors in Washington featuring a memorable love quadrangle that threatens the appointment of a new Under-Secretary of State. It’s a chance to revisit an age when satirical comedies were sophisticated, smart, sassy, insightful, and fun, with the wit and charm of the best Katharine Hepburn/ Spencer Tracy films. It ran for over two years on Broadway when first produced. It’s a lovely show that evokes the post-war optimism that infuses so many of the era’s stories on stage and screen. And most remarkable of all, Democrats speak civilly with Republicans!

 • Sleuth (August 4-27, 2023) is Anthony Shaffer's gripping Tony-Award-winning tale, an ingenious story of a mystery writer whose obsession with the inventions and deceptions of fiction and his fascination with games and game-playing sets off a very dangerous and deadly chain of events. This rollercoaster of a thriller – equal parts mischievous humour and gripping anticipation – continually puts the dramatic pedal to the metal, drawing audiences to the edge of their seats as they try to keep one step ahead of the increasingly desperate characters’ life-and-death, cat-and-mouse battle of wits. It ran four years on Broadway and became a film starring Michael Caine and Laurence Olivier. The Times of London called it “The most fiendishly clever thriller ever written for the stage.”

We continue to offer hugely popular pre-show talks that discuss the context and story behind the play, engaging Canadian theatre history exhibits, a fantastic loonie/toonie book sale full of summer reading bargains, and much more.

Our intimate space (120 seats) is air-conditioned and wheelchair accessible and adheres to pandemic-era safety recommendations for hand hygiene, airflow and filtering, and related protections.