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Orangeville: Shows coming soon to Theatre Orangeville in May and June

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

New show have been announce at Theatre Orangeville for May and June.

The Theatre Orangeville Youth Singers return!!

Here We Go Again: Our Comeback Concert

Directed by Elisabeth DuBois

Accompanied by Hayden Thomas

May 24, 2023

After a highly anticipated wait, we are pleased to invite you to join the Theatre Orangeville Youth Singers (T.O.Y.S.) choir as they sing their way through their spectacular comeback concert: Here We Go Again!

From songs like “You Can’t Stop the Beat” to “The Sound of Music” enjoy some of the greatest songs of our T.O.Y.S. past as we journey into the present and future. This is a toe-tapping, dancing in your seat, kind of show, that is sure to captivate you and unlock some of those cherished memories of your past! We can’t wait to see you there!

Tickets: $13 (Adult) & $10 (Student)

Our Creative Partners on Stage present...

Big Top Flop

Directed by Chandra Pepper

Choreography by Jenee Gowing

May 31-June 1, 2023

What happens when the acrobats, sideshow acts, and clowns start fighting for top billing and then the Ringmaster quits? Why, a Big Top Flop of course! The shenanigans of this troupe will have you in stitches as they learn how to work together and become a true circus family.

Since 2003, Theatre Orangeville has stood proudly beside our partners at Community Living Dufferin to provide unique theatrical programming that celebrates the ability of participants.

Creative Partners on Stage (C.P.O.S.) actors work with our directors and choreographers to develop two original scripts each year, fully supported by our professional production team and the accredited support workers of Community Living Dufferin. There is nothing quite like C.P.O.S. anywhere in Canada and it happens here at your theatre!

Don't miss this 'Add-On' Concert Presentation

Happy Days Are Here Again

Leisa Way & Friends sing Songs of the Great American Songbook

With Leisa Way, Fred Smith, Bob Hewus, Nathan Smith & Doug Balfour

June 27-29, 2023

Experience an unforgettable evening of music!

With one hit after the other, and one classic song after the other, Leisa Way and Friends share the timeless songs of The Great American Songbook.

This influential era of music began in the early 20th century, and continues to be written today. Leisa Way’s powerhouse quartet of superb musicians are fine interpreters of melody, story and song. Doug Balfour (vocals & piano), Bob Hewus (vocals & bass), Fred Smith (vocals & guitar) & Nathan Smith (vocals & jazz violin) unite for this very special concert.

If you have little ones at home this daytime show might be for you

DuffleBag Theatre Presents

Robin Hood

DuffleBag Theatre is a Canadian Theatre company who quite literally set up their shows out of a ‘duffle bag’ (or something like that). Their shows are geared to students in kindergarten, primary and junior grades. The audience becomes the star of the show in a DuffleBag Theatre production. Kids love it - This is not a show to be missed!

While the King is away, the people of England suffer under the oppressive rule of his tax-happy brother, Prince John. Only a straight arrow like Robin Hood, the best archer in the land, can save England! By stealing from the rich and giving back to the poor, Robin keeps the spirit of justice alive, with the help of a few friends along the way, including Maid Marian, Friar Tuck, and Little John. But what if the Prince and the dreaded Sheriff of Nottingham lay a trap for our hero?

With all the humour and fun people have come to expect, DuffleBag hits the mark with this on-target tale of derring-do!

**This show is being offered on sale to the Public - Bring your littles to this super-fun Theatre experience!

DuffleBag Theatre is a part of our Education on Stage programming and is geared towards providing elementary school students a chance to experience LIVE theatre! This opportunity is perfect for schools looking to schedule field trips and other educational experiences. Please reach out to us for more information on how to get your classes out to what is sure to be an adventurous time!

Show Dates & Times:

Thursday May 25th 2023 - 10:30am

Thursday May 25th 2023 - 12:30pm

Friday May 26th 2023 - 10:00am

Friday May 26th 2023 - 12:00pm

For tickets visit