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Toronto: The One Night Only Festival runs June 4-11 at The Attic Studio

Tuesday, May 23, 2023

The One Night Only Festival was created by Vikki Velenosi, the founder of the artist-run company Space Space Revolution, with a mission to “provide a platform and a deadline to help Toronto performing artists develop their next live creation.” 

Each day of the festival consists of productions ranging from works in progress, staged readings, polished performances, experimental projects, brand new works, and projects about to head into the Fringe Festival circuit.

The festival runs from June 4th – 11th at the Attic Studio and Theatre in Toronto (located at 1402 Queen Street East, Unit C3).

The lineup for the One Night Only Festival includes:

 • June 4th:

(8:30pm-9:30pm) Just A Giant Cinderella - Written and Performed by Martina Schabron

 • June 6th:

(7:00pm-8:00pm) Welcome To Splitsville - Written and Performed by Matt Sadowski, Directed by Daniel Stolfi

(9:00pm-10:00pm) Pandora – Created by Ethan Ryckman

 • June 7th:

(7:00pm-8:00pm) Blueberry Fever – Created by Karina Milech and Ben Jensen-Reid

(9:00pm-10:00pm) Racontami! – Created and Performed by Alicia Barban

 • June 8th:

(7:00pm-8:00pm) Behold, A Man! – Written and Directed by Oliver Pitschner

(9:00pm-10:00pm) Witch – Written by Alexandra Lean

 • June 9th:

(7:00pm-8:00pm) Influenced – Created by Sam Chaulk

(9:00pm-10:00pm) Falling Sickness – Written by Alyssa Pothier

 • June 10th:

(1:00pm-2:00pm) [In-] – Created by Ethan Joshua Persyko

(3:00pm-4:00pm) Yours Truly, - Created and Performed by Heidi Nickel

(5:00pm-6:00pm) A Little Less Fear Please – Created and Performed by Savoy Howe

(7:00pm-8:00pm) Crane Girl – Presented by Falling Iguana Theatre, Written and Directed by Alexa Higgins,

Composer: Ian Ottis Goff

(9:00pm-10:00pm) The Peri Winkle Show – Created and Performed by Peri Winkle The Drag Clown

 • June 11th:

(1:00pm-2:00pm) The Encore – created and performed by J. River

(3:00pm-4:00pm) The After – written and produced by Olivia Costes

(5:00pm-6:00pm) Whose Bag Is It Anyway$? The Musical – written and produced by Wendy Belcourt

(7:00pm-8:00pm) The Brotherhood of DIX – Direction, Lyrics and Book by Hamish Marissen-Clark, Music and Book by Alec Steinhorn, Arrangements by Sharman Ghosh

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