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Picton: County Stage presents Flight Festival of Contemporary Dance August 16-20

Friday, July 28, 2023

FLIGHT Festival of Contemporary Dance, the awe-inspiring outdoor dance festival prioritizing Indigenous artists, artists of colour, and legacy dance, will take place at The Eddie Pavilion from August 16 to 20, 2023.

Led by visionary dance artists Carol Anderson, Arwyn Carpenter, Sophie Dow, Jordana Deveau, and Kristen Foote, Flight is an inclusive platform for contemporary dance expression and education.

Experience soulful and provocative evening performances, delightful and surprising site-specific shows, community workshops, and children's dance classes throughout the week. Don't miss this profound celebration of artistry, culture, and community engagement!

Flight on Stage

August 16 - 20 • 7:00pm

The Eddie Pavilion

Tickets $20 - $30 | 25 & Under Free

A full evening program of dance featuring new artists and Flight favourites on the outdoor stage.

Featuring works by / performed by: Carol Anderson, Arwyn Carpenter, Jordana Deveau, Sophie Dow, David Earle, Ralph Escamillan, Groove Tonic, Beany John, Libydo, Jera Wolfe, Natasha Poon Woo and the County Arts Community Dancers with with live music by Erik Geddis.

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Flight on Site

August 17, 18 & 20 • Various Times

The Eddie Hotel & Farm

Tickets $20

The audience will embark on a captivating journey from The Eddie’s meadow to garden to pond, discovering a new dance at each site.

Featuring Arwyn Carpenter, Jordana Deveau, Kendra Epik, Kristen Foote, Ellis Martin-Wylie and Natasha Poon Woo, Libydo & Mystic Sister, Julia Aplin, Sophie Dow, Rhianna Harris, Ontario Dance Academy dancers and live musical accompaniment from singer Kat Burns and pianist Erik Geddis.

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Community Workshops

August 18 - 20 • Various Times

Tickets $15

The Eddie Pavilion

These workshops are open to the public, for all bodies including those with lots or with zero dance experience!


Vogue is a Ballroom style from the Black, Latinx, Trans and Queer community of Harlem. Learn Vogue-Femme fundamentals with Ralph Escamillan.


Mimicking the emergent capacity of mycelium with a freestyle movement approach from the ground up with Libydo.


Spiralling motion, the teachings of the trees, and some sparkly disco magic mixed in with Julia Aplin.


The class will explore the guiding movement principles and Limón's repertory motifs.


The irresistible, incomparable Beany John teaches hoop dancing for all! Non-Indigenous people welcome.


Gentle movement exploring energy pathways, spirals, arcs and circles with Carol Anderson.

For more information, to register and to meet the artists leading the workshops:

Grass is Lava

Monday August 7 to Friday August 11, 2023

10:00am – 11:15am

$150 per child


A children’s dance and music camp at Base31.

This week-long immersive experience is filled with dance, learning, games, and movement-in-nature activities, all accompanied by live music. The camp is taught by award-winning dance educator Arwyn Carpenter.

To register visit: