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Port Dover: Tickets to the holiday panto “Jack and the Beanstalk” go on sale today

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

A GIANT panto is coming to Lighthouse Festival this holiday season filled with uproarious comedy, fantastical costumes, musical numbers that will knock your socks off, a touch of audience participation and, of course, a bag of magic beans!

So ladies, gentleman, those who don’t identify as such, and children of all ages, make your way to Lighthouse Festival and watch as a boy, whose own mother even referred to him as “dim”, trades a cow for a bag of magic beans that grow into a massive beanstalk where he climbs it, steals countless items from a hapless giant, and then cuts down a perfectly good, record-setting beanstalk (even in these trying times of climate change!) leaving the townspeople to clean up the mess.

You’ll cheer the hero, you’ll boo the villain, you’ll learn that being more specific with instructions to your children is a VERY important parenting tip, and you’ll walk out of the theatre with a sore stomach from laughing, thinking “why on earth didn’t Lighthouse do this before?

Jack and the Beanstalk

written by Ken MacDougall

directed by Jonathan Ellul

Port Dover: November 29 - December 9

December 13 - December 17

Tickets from $30


Pantomime, often referred to as a "Panto," is a form of theatrical performance that originated in the United Kingdom and is primarily associated with the holiday season. Despite its name, pantomime does not refer to the silent performance art, but rather a specific type of family-friendly musical comedy.

Pantomimes are characterized by their lively and interactive nature, blending elements of comedy, music, dance, slapstick humor, audience participation, and often featuring well-known fairy tales or children's stories. They are typically performed during the Christmas season and cater to audiences of all ages, with the aim of entertaining both children and adults.

Pantomimes often incorporate a sense of moral lessons and messages of hope, friendship, and overcoming challenges. They celebrate the spirit of togetherness and provide a festive and joyful experience for families and communities during the holiday season.

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