Stage Door News

Toronto: Hugh’s Room has a new home

Thursday, July 6, 2023

I want to share with you some very exciting news. We just completed the purchase of an historic church at 296 Broadview Avenue just south of Gerrard in Toronto's east end! Owning our own building means that we control our own destiny, can present shows any day or night of the week, and can establish a world-class performance and music hub for artists, music lovers and the surrounding community.

While it is the end of one journey, in many respects it is the start of another truly exciting one. We now control our destiny. Our future is limited only by our imagination and our courage to experiment with new ideas. In the coming weeks, not only will we be setting up 296 Broadview and moving most of our fall shows over there but our staff and volunteer team will be turning their efforts to:

Encouraging all levels of government to provide significant funding to assist with renovations, operations and helping pay down the debt we have taken on to purchase the building,

Raising funds by way of ongoing donations and fundraising events, and

Developing a long-term vision and strategy for the world-class music and arts organization we want to be in five to ten years.

We'll be doing some modest renovations over the summer to prepare the main hall for shows beginning in September. This new home isn't just a game-changer; it's a groundbreaking music sanctuary. Our vision for this space includes dedicated support for artists, performance studios, and vibrant community musical activities. It will take some time to build our capacity. Priorities are accessibility and a commercial kitchen. These will be a key focus in our immediate fundraising efforts. Until then, while we will not be fully accessible or have food service, we remain committed to these goals.

None of this would have been possible without the support of over 1000 committed individuals including volunteers, donors and bondholders. These extraordinary individuals have inspired us all during this challenging time for Hugh's Room Live and the performing arts throughout our city.

Mark your calendars and get ready to be part of a new chapter in Toronto's cultural tapestry. Hugh's Room Live is taking centre stage, and we can't wait to share this extraordinary journey with you. Get ready for unforgettable live performances, incredible artistry, and a vibrant community coming together in harmony. This is our moment to shine!

 - Brian Iler, Chair - HRL Board of Directors


While plans are afoot to shift most of our fall performances over to 296 Broadview in the coming weeks, we still have a couple shows booked at our partner venues in August. We will be at The Tranzac in the Annex on Thursday August 17 for Scott Cook. Then we overshoot the mark slightly by heading to The Redwood Theatre at Greenwood and Gerrard on Friday August 25 for Lance Anderson's "Everyday People"!


Good question! Over the coming weeks our programming team will be working with all the tremendous artists you see listed below to move the majority of shows to 296 Broadview. If you have already purchased tickets we will inform you directly through our Showpass ticket system that the venue has changed. If you purchase tickets in the wake of this epistle, the same will apply. We will not change the locations until we have informed and confirmed with the artists. Oh, and as promised - our just announced show with Coco Montoya on Tuesday October 3 is now on sale!