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Toronto: The InterMusic Group presents the new opera “Tango for Two” October 21

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Tango for Two is a two-act opera that tells a folk tale love story that takes place on the east coast of Canada. Told from the perspective of the Sailor and his Love in their elder years, it follows the story of the young sailor who falls in love at first sight with a beautiful woman he sees while strolling along a boardwalk. After many lonely years at sea, he believes the she finally, might be the one for him. He tries to find her again, but she seems to have vanished. Despite searching the town, he can’t seem to track her down. Desperate and hopeless, he attempts to drown himself. Saved, he sees the girl he fell in love with once again, they embrace and dance a Tango together, happy and reunited.

A locally inspired plot, with a happy ending. Simple and charming.

The opera is inspired by Jonathan's own fascination with the culture and history of the east coast of Canada. He says he wanted to create a story that would capture the spirit and charm of the region, as well as the emotions and challenges of finding true love while also incorporating elements from local Indigenous culture. The opera is also unique for incorporating dance as a story-telling medium into its narrative. Unlike the “Opera-Ballet”, in Tango for Two Jonathan is collaborating with super talented dancer David Giller, who plays the male lead and is choreographing the dance sequences. David Giller is a versatile dancer who has performed in various genres, such as contemporary, jazz, hip hop, and others. The opera also stars his sister, Anna Kravtchenko, a talented ballet dancer.

“Using dance is just such an interesting idea for me. Words and songs are great for telling a story, but dance is just so much more powerful. It’s raw human emotion…I met David backstage at a different concert where he was dancing and it just hit me right then and there. We need to do something together.” Singers and musicians will showcase the opera on stage in a live performance. The music mixes classical and modern features, with elements from tango, folk and jazz music. Jonathan’s goal was to develop a new kind of opera that would interest a broader audience and especially demonstrate the range and beauty of the talented cast.

Tango for Two will premiere on October 21st, at Jeanne Lamon Hall - Trinity St Pauls Centre in Toronto, ON, Canada.

Tickets are available online at or via starting at $22.