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Toronto: Aluna Theatre announces programming for Caminos 2023

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Aluna Theatre, in partnership with Factory Theatre, is proud to announce the programming for CAMINOS 2023.

From September 27 to October 1st, CAMINOS 2023 will take over Factory Theatre, presenting an intersection of outstanding ideas and artists who take space and speak loudly. This festival of works-in-process presents fresh bold ideas in interdisciplinary performance in Toronto. This year 21 groups will present experiments in theatre, dance, installations, performance art and cabaret.

“The Caminos festival builds on Aluna Theatre’s TransAmerican vision of going across, through, and beyond borders. These artists, through their astounding creations-in-the-making, invite us to meet at the many intersections of our lives and embrace rebellious acts of vulnerability.” -Beatriz Pizano, Artistic Director

Now is its fifth edition, Aluna's biennial curated CAMINOS festival presents an exciting line-up with works by: Golboo and Golnesa Amani, Renato Baldin, Boyband the Boyband, Maria Paula Carreño-Martínez, María Escolán, Nickeshia Garrick and Irma Villafuerte, Thalia Gonzalez Kane, Alejandra Higuera Lilia Leon and Sharon Moore, Kevin Jones, Anita La Selva, Diana Lopez and Victoria Mata, Janis Mayers, Marilo Nuñez and Margarita Valderrama, Nawi Moreno Valverde, Sofía Ontiveros, Falciony Patiño, Dainty Smith, Elizabeth Staples, Tan Vu, and many more collaborators.


A ticket to CAMINOS allows access to all presentations throughout an evening, and can be purchased on a pay-what-you-can-afford basis : $15 - $30 - $60. The cabaret event are free and open to all.

Wednesday – Saturday evening performances begin at 7:30pm Saturday evening Cabaret starts at 10pm is free

Sunday performances begin at 2:30pm

Box office (416) 504-9971 or purchase online at More info at:


Throughout the Festival: Installations at Factory Theatre

Noises Outside my Door - Installation

Created by Kevin Jones

A thematic visual exploration of the emotionally disorienting struggle for dignity and peace when solutions and care are scarce, and life’s flame begins to falter.

Queerleidoscope - Installation

Created by Renato Baldin

A video mapping installation that reflects on the male queer body daily performance. “Our queer body needs to perform to exist.”

Wednesday September 27 at 7.30pm, Factory Theatre

Ojalá - Dance

Created by Sofia Ontiveros

Exploring how bodies connect, stumble upon interpersonal betrayals, and search for healing. Ojalá... dives into the risks taken in connections, with the hope it leads us to what we truly seek within.

The Anatomy Lesson - Theatre

Created by Thalia Gonzalez Kane

An exploration of our relationships to our physical bodies, and how we live with them when that relationship is compromised. What does it mean to be a prisoner in one’s body? How do we co-exist and thrive with the one body we have when we feel like it’s failing us?

ANIVIA - Theatre

Created by Tan Vu

Weaving together Western musical theatre and Vietnamese folk music, this 30-minute excerpt from ANIVIA, Tan Vu’s new work-in-progress, portrays The Wanderer’s journey back to his roots through original songs, creation myths, folk tales, and Mom-made costumes.

Thursday September 28 at 7.30pm, Factory Theatre

Ombros - Theatre

Created by Nawi Moreno-Valverde

"We don't always know what the clients want. But they like it when we speak to them in Spanish "

Mirror - Dance

Created by Falciony Patiño

Mirror (una mirada a mi interior) is a choreographic journey that explores the perception of self and societal influences in a world dominated by social media.

La Mujer Fragmentada - Theatre

Created by María Escolán

A bilingual interdisciplinary theatre piece exploring efforts in mothering within contexts of colonial violence in El Salvador through the use of video projection, sound design, and movement.

Enlazadas Cocoons - Performance Art Installation

Created by Diana Lopez and Victoria Mata

A site-specific aerial dance and art installation of two organisms suspended in and across time and space. An intimate invitation into the sensorial expansion of the womb. A visual narrative between two parallel bodies woven within the suspension of time.

Friday September 30 at 7.30pm, Factory Theatre

Park Life - Theatre

Created by Janis Mayers

A transformative performance: a death and rebirth of an individual and of a place, Regent Park; the distant past, the recent past and the here and now. A story that weaves itself between reality and the spirit realm.

Surrendered Spirits - Dance

Created by Irma Villafuerte and Nickeshia Garrick

An embodied paradigm where we heal inter-generational wounds through collective care, valuing ourselves and holding unconditional space for queer womxn of colour.

Chez Moi - Theatre

Created by Elizabeth Staples

A performance love letter to the Lesbian bars of Toronto. By daring to evoke dance floors past, we understand how to build the dancefloors of the future.

Saturday September 30 at 7.30pm, Factory Theatre

DOUBLE - Dance

by Lilian Leon Arts

A multidisciplinary duet (work-in-progress) that follows two explorers in their quest to understand their own existence, how everything is connected, and ultimately, how to love.

Learned Behavior - Performance Art

Created by Golboo Amani and Golnesa Amani

An illustration of the internal conflict of both belonging to and longing for a deeper connection to the people, land and practices we call our home.

12 litres 8800 steps - Theatre

Created by Anita La Selva

A multi-disciplinary odyssey into the world of addiction and mental health. A Horse appears and magic realism collides with the stark realities of living with and loving an addict.

Cabaret - with DJ Sofia Fly

Beloved ghost daughters

by Dainty Smith, Irma Villafuerte, Steff Ivory Conover

An intersection of stories between three women and how they are bound together by womanhood, love, magic and loss. A performance piece for unruly and resistant women.

Soy Hija

by Maria Paula Carreño-Martinez

To my parents. An attempt to do what they could not, but my way, on a stage, and doing things my grandmothers would not approve of.

Rhythm Is Gonna Get You

by Boyband the Boyband

Three drag kings will fire up the place with their new singles, supporting and celebrating two of their member’s voice transformations after HRT.

Sunday October 1 at 2.30pm, Factory Theatre

One Perfect Day | Un día perfecto - Theatre

Created by Margarita Valderrama

A telenovela-inspired play about a wedding gone wrong. A joyous and mischievous marriage between Colombian wedding traditions, the telenovela genre and the ceremony of attending the theatre.

Memories - Theatre

Created by Grupo Teatro Libre

An expression through the body, exploring its language and the possibilities of communication.

Also Happening at CAMINOS - Fiesta!

We welcome everyone to join us for free during our cabaret night on Saturday 30. Stay after the performances for food, drinks and the cool beats of one of our community DJs.

Come celebrate the 5th edition of CAMINOS with us!