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Toronto: Eldritch Theatre announces its 2023/24 season

Sunday, August 20, 2023

Now in its second year as caretakers of the haunted Red Sandcastle, Eldritch Theatre is pleased to announce its upcoming 2023/24 season of ghoulishly giddy grand guignol. Grab onto your gooseflesh before it crawls away, as we open the sepulchre door to show you what we have festering in our timorous tomb!

As the All Hallows season descends, bringing ghoulies and goblins and things that go boogity boogity boo, we offer the protection of Doc Wuthergloom’s Here There Be Monsters, running October 25th to November 5th, 2023. Armed with a caravan of creepy puppets and dark parlour magic Doc Wuthergloom, Toronto’s favourite 152 year old itinerant exorcist, travelling necromancer, and arcane medicine showman returns to astound, horrify and amaze audiences with terrifying, true life, tales of the cryptids, bigfeet, and undiscovered creatures that stalk the shadowy corners of our world. Recommended for those with mature and jaded hearts. Special Devil’s Night trick or treat tickets for only $25 with one night only additional scenes and spells!

Then, in the bleak midwinter we celebrate the 400th anniversary of William Shakespeare’s MacBeth: A Tale Told By An Idiot, onstage at Sandcastle February 8th to 18th, 2023, with special daytime matinees made available for youthful scholars. This innovative, uncanny staging of Shakespeare’s most terrifying tragedy will be created and performed by Eric Woolfe (Requiem for a Gumshoe, Two Weird Tales), directed by the mad genius, Dylan Trowbridge (Requiem for a Gumshoe, Space Opera Zero) and designed by Eldritch Theatre’s resident creepy couturier, Melanie McNeill (Space Opera Zero, Requiem for a Gumshoe, Two Weird Tales) and presented with Eldritch Theatre’s signature style of demented puppetry, and close-up magic, dipped in a heavy dollop of Jacobean witchery, oozing in the occult.

Throughout the year, like carnal gusts of wind billowing from robbed graves, we will be cursing of beloved patrons with Eldritch Horrors: Plays from the Tombs – play readings of some of our undead classics from aeons passed: Dear Boss (2004 Outstanding New Play Dora Award Nomination), The Babysitter (2007 Outstanding Production Dora Award Nomination), and a special preview of our newest play in development: Zombocalypse! With special guest readers to be announced, happening in January, March, and June of 2024.

“I have always wanted to go back into the vault for the Eldritch Theatre stories I never got to see! Plays from the Tombs will be a great way for our Cabal of Horror to revisit old favourites, and then for newer fans like me it’s more twisted tales to have nightmares to.” -Adrianna Prosser, Artistic Producer

And finally, as the mournful spring rains reveal the rot and decay from beneath the melting snow, we return to The House at Poe Corner for it’s 10th deathiversary on April 11th to 24th, created by Michael O’Brien (Mad Boy Chronicle) & Eric Woolfe, with Music by Cathy Nosaty (Street Of Blood, Flying Hearts), Designed by Melanie McNeill (Madhouse Variations and Space Opera Zero! Outstanding Costume Design Dora Award winner), starring Mairi Babb (Requiem for a Gumshoe, Space Opera Zero!) and Eric Woolfe. A Kindergoth masterpiece to strike nightmares into the timorous hearts of the dead children that lurk inside us all. Welcome to the Ghoul Haunted Woodland of Weir, where Edgar Allens Poe’s Tales of the Supernatural and Uncanny are re-enacted by twisted little animals that bear a striking, yet non-copyright infringing , resemblance to a certain “stuffy old bear” and his forest- dwelling companions. These chilling fables are sure to send audiences into paroxysms of despair, madness and mirth.

We are also inviting you to become an Eldritch Theatre “Inner Sanctum” Member. For an annual fee of $50, you will receive exclusive discounts to all Eldritch Theatre shows this season, as well as special events, and secret activities. Your membership fees will go directly towards funding our work and improving our home, Red Sandcastle Theatre. Become a member today at and unleash our dark magic into your everyday life.