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Québec, QC: Stage Door will go on hiatus until December

Friday, September 29, 2023

Dear Stage Door Readers,

From reading this website you know that attending and writing about live theatre is my main occupation.

I do, however, have other pleasures and the time has come to indulge one of them now – namely the pleasure of travelling.

I will be out of the country from September 30 until sometime in December. If that seems like a long time, it is. The last time I was away from Canada for such a long period was in 1986 when I moved directly from a professorship in Japan to one at UC Berkeley. 

I’ll post another news item announcing my return. 

One of the problems with the particular travels I am undertaking is that I have no idea whether wi-fi will be available or not. Even if it is, there is often insufficient bandwidth to publish this site.

Therefore, I regret that for about three months I will not be able to update the Listings, News or Reviews on Stage Door.

For the latter, I recommend turning to Lynn Slotkin at and to Glenn Sumi at

It’s a given that I will return older, but I hope I also return with a greater understanding of the enormous variety of a part of the world I have visited only briefly twice before.

There is an unusual amount of exciting theatre I will be missing in Toronto and in the rest of Ontario during these three months. Seek out what is entertaining, challenging and enlightening.

Enjoy the bounty on offer.


The Editor