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Toronto: Studio 180 announces its 2023/24 season

Thursday, September 21, 2023

Studio 180 Co-founder Mark McGrinder directs the Canadian premiere of James Fritz's Olivier-Award nominated 4 Minutes 12 Seconds, a taut, darkly comic and deeply provocative drama. A thrilling exploration of issues of consent, privilege and the insidious opportunities new technology offers.

Di and David have devoted their lives to giving their son, Jack, every opportunity they never had. But a startling incident outside the school grounds threatens to ruin everything they’re striving for. As events begin to accelerate, Di and David begin to question whether they can trust Jack, his closest friends, or even themselves.

Running April 20 to May 12, 2024 at the Tarragon Extraspace!



Discount Dave and the Fix

Written by Rebecca Auerbach

Directed by Aviva Armour-Ostroff

Thursday, October 12 at 7:00 PM

Factory Theatre Studio

When a rockstar crashes a backstage party at a Shakespeare Festival, a thrill-seeking young actor is set on a path of self-reckoning.

A provocative blend of truth and fiction, Discount Dave and The Fix is a suspenseful, hilarious, and harrowing examination of our obsession with celebrity, how addiction can bury our wounds, and what it takes to heal.

Death to the Prometheans

Written by Camille Intson

Directed by 郝邦宇 Steven Hao

Coming Winter 2024

Zinnie, Hannah, John, Thea, and Yannis are five international performing arts students indoctrinated into an elite artistic training program at a(n unspecified) world-leading conservatory.

They navigate as best they can the perils of young adulthood, institutional demands, and finding purpose in making art in a world on fire. At the same time, in a play-within-a-play, the young Titan, Prometheus and his siblings plot an assault against Zeus at his annual sacrificial Blood-Bash, unbeknownst to the rest of the Olympians. But can authority really be challenged from within?


Studio 180 Theatre's RBC Emerging Artists Program provides early-career playwrights and directors with the opportunity to advance their skills, gain exposure and accelerate their career trajectory by spending one year working with and being mentored by Studio 180 Theatre’s artistic team. This initiative is designed to help artists bridge the gap from emerging to established by providing them with the experience and resources they need to succeed and a showcase of their work. We are thrilled to announce Rebecca Auerbach, Camille Intson and Chantelle Han as our 2023/24 RBC Emerging Artists.

Camille Intson (Playwright's Guild of Canada Tom Hendry Award winner) and Rebecca Auerbach (Betty & Jessie Award winner) join Studio 180 as RBC Emerging Playwrights for the season, developing their new, aforementioned works-in-progress with the support of a director/dramaturge, actors and a public reading.

Chantelle Han (Stratford Langham Director's Workshop) joins Studio 180 as our RBC Emerging Director and as Assistant Director on Four Minutes Twelve Seconds with mentorship from director Mark McGrinder.