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Toronto: Yuk Yuk’s presents “The One with FRIENDS Roast” on March 1

Friday, January 19, 2024

It’s time to get out of second gear, and be there Friday March 1st 10:30pm at Yuk Yuk’s for THE ONE WITH THE FRIENDS ROAST.

Toronto’s hottest comedians gather to play the characters of TV’s most iconic sitcom, and celebrate it the only way they know how: brutal and hilarious roasting! Nothing “Friends” will be left untouched.

Could you BE having any more fun ? (Nope!)

Guaranteed to make the Janice in your life scream “Oh My God!”

WARNING! This is a ROAST show. Nothing is off limits, and as such, sensitive subject matter may be made light of. Please exercise discretion when buying tickets!

The dais includes: 

Gunther played by Sebastiano Fazio (Your Hood’s a Joke, Roast Battle Toronto)

Janice played by Amanda Custodio (Just For Laughs Toronto)

Ross Geller played by Jon Blair (This Hour Has 22 Minutes)

Monica Geller played by Courtney Gilmour (Canada’s Got Talent, Kevin Hart’s LOL Network)

Joey Tribbiani played by Dan Curtis Thompson (Absolute Comedy, Just for Laughs Toronto)

Rachel Green played by Hilary Henderson (Your Hood’s a Joke, Roast Battle Toronto)

Phoebe Buffay played by Amy Bugg (SiriusXM’s Top Comic)

Chandler Bing played by  Kyle Bergstresser (SiriusXM, NXNE Festival)

The One with the FRIENDS Roast

Presented by Toronto Comedy All Stars and Roast Master Bash 

Yuk Yuk’s Toronto, 224 Richmond St W

Friday March 1st 10:30pm

Tickets $20

Available at Yuk Yuk’s website,