Stage Door Listings

October 2024

For the first time in its history, the Canadian Opera Company stages Verdi’s 1841 opera Nabucco. It runs October 4 to October 25 at the Four Seasons Centre, Toronto.


Larger Theatres (Professional)

Acis and Galatea (opera) by George Frideric Handel. The shepherd Acis and the giant Polyphemus compete for the love of the nymph Galatea. In English with English surtitles. Runs Oct 24 to Oct 27. Elgin Theatre,

Come From Away (musical) by by Irene Sankoff and David Hein. On September 11th, 2001, 38 planes with 6,579 passengers are stranded in Gander, Newfoundland. Runs Sep 22 to Dec 22, 2024. Royal Alexandra Theatre, 1-800-461-3333,

Faust (opera) by Charles Gounod. Faust makes a pact with the devil to regin his youth. In French with English surtitles. Runs Oct 4 to Oct 25. Four Seasons Centre,

Life of Pi (drama) by Lolita Chakrabarti. A stage adaptation of Yann Martel's novel about a 16-year-old boy and a tiger who survive in a lifeboat. Runs Sep 3 to Oct 6. CAA Ed Mirvish Theatre, 1-800-461-3333,

Mamma Mia! (musical) by Benny Andersson & Björn Ulvaeus. A daughter invites her three possible fathers to her wedding on a Greek island. Runs Oct 8 to Nov 10. CAA Ed Mirvish Theatre,  1-800-461-3333,

My Name is Lucy Barton (drama) by Rona Munro. Lucy awakes from an operation to find her mother, whom she hasn’t seen for years, at her bedside. Runs Oct 18 to Nov 3. Bluma Appel Theatre,

Nabucco (opera) by Giuseppe Verdi. Nabucco, King of Babylon, takes the Israelites captive. In Italian with English surtitles. Runs Oct 11 to Nov 2. Four Seasons Centre,

Smaller Theatres (Professional)

Comfort Food (comedy) by Zorana Sadiq. Bette is a popular cooking show host whose young-mom persona is about to expire. Runs Sep 20 to Oct 13. Streetcar Crowsnest,  

The Flin Flon Cowboy (musical) by Ken Harrower et al. The story of Harrower's life as a queer, disabled country western performer. Runs Oct 19 to Nov 2. Theatre Passe Muraille,

Goblin:Macbeth (comedy) by Rebecca Northan & Bruce Horak. Three goblins take a stab at staging Macbeth. Runs Oct 3 to Oct 27. Tarragon Theatre,

Interior Design (comedy) by Rosa Laborde. An attempted intervention between a group of girlfriends backfires. Runs Oct 15 to Nov 10. Tarragon Theatre,

Mind Over Matter (magic) by Beyond Mental Borders. The mentalism team presents its all-new show of mind-reading games. Runs Oct 20 only. The Rec Room, 255 Bremner Blvd,

Next Stage Festival (festival). A festival of new work. Runs Oct 16 to Oct 26. Buddies in Bad Times Theatre,

1939 (drama) by Jani Lauzon & Kaitlyn Riordan. Students at an Ontario residential school are meant to perform All’s Well That Ends Well for a visit by King George VI. Runs Sep 15 to Oct 6. Berkeley Street Theatre,

Playing Shylock (drama) by Mark Leiren-Young. When a performance of The Merchant of Venice is cancelled mid-performance by protests, the actor playing Shylock delivers a passionate appeal. Runs Oct 26 to Nov 17. Berkeley Street Theatre,

Roberto Zucco (drama) by Bernard-Marie Koltès. The story of a serial killer and the young girl who loves him. Runs Sep 19 to Oct 5. Buddies in Bad Times Theatre,

Rosmersholm (drama) by Henrik Ibsen. As an election looms for John Rosmer, a mysterious woman enters his lfe. Runs Sep 11 to Oct 6. Streetcar Crowsnest,

Rutas International Performing Arts Festival (festival). Performances from across Canada and Latin America. Runs Sep 26 to Oct 6. Theatre Passe Muraille,

The Thanksgiving Play (comedy) by Larissa FastHorse. Four white theatre people try to create a culturally sensitive play about Thanksgiving. Runs Sep 28 to Oct 20. CAA Theatre, 1-800-461-3333,

Wonderful Joe (puppetry) by Ronnie Burkett. Joe and his dog Mister lose their home and go on one last grand adventure together. For ages 16+. Runs Oct 5 to Oct 23. Jane Mallett Theatre,

Smaller Theatres (Student and Community)

Screwball Comedy (comedy) by Norm Foster. In 1939 two reporters compete for the story about a society wedding. Runs Oct 11 to Oct 26. [community] Scarborough Village Theatre,


Tales of an Urban Indian (comedy) by Darrell Dennis. A contemporary Indigenous man grows up on both the reserve and in big-city Vancouver. Runs Oct 9 to Oct 26. Bus at Five Points Theatre,


Buying the Farm (comedy) by Shelley Hoffman & Stephen Sparks. A young real estate agent tries to convince a bachelor farmer to sell his farm. Runs Sep 25 to Oct 5. Globus Theatre,

Early Morning Rain (revue) by Leisa Way. A celebration of the life and music of Gordon Lightfoot. Runs Oct 15 to Oct 19. Globus Theatre,


A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder (musical) by Steven Lutvak & Robert L. Freedman. Monty Navarro is ninth in line for the D’Ysquith fortune and decides to do something about it. Runs Oct 16 to Nov 3. Hamilton Family Theatre, 1-855-372-9866,


Sequence (drama) by Arun Lakra. The luckiest man alive meets a woman who claims to have discovered his secret. Runs Oct 4 to Oct 27. Firehall Theatre, 1000 Islands Playhouse,

Jesus Christ Superstar (musical) by Andrew Lloyd Webber. A recounting of the last days of Jesus Christ on earth. Runs Sep 24 to Oct 27. Springer Theatre, 1000 Islands Playhouse,


King James (comedy) by Rajiv Joseph. The story of twelve years in basketball star LeBron James’s career. Runs Sep 25 to Oct 12. Theatre Aquarius,

The Master Plan (comedy) by Michael Healey. Sidewalk Labs and Waterfront Toronto attempt, and fail, to build a smart city in Toronto. Runs Oct 30 to Nov 16. Theatre Aquarius,


As You Like It (comedy) by William Shakespeare. A combination of Shakespeare’s play and the music of the Beatles. Previews from Oct 15, opens Oct 18, runs to Nov 2. Grand Theatre,


Memphis to Motown (revue) by Chris McHarge. A survey of the classic hits from performers who recorded in the two cities. Runs Oct 17 to Oct 27. Upper Canada Playhouse,


Canadiana (revue). A celebration of Canadian music through the years. Runs May 28, 2024, booking to Dec 19, 2024. Greg Frewin Theatre, 905-356-0777,

Wonder (magic) by Greg Frewin. Christian Mascia performs new large-scale illusions designed by Greg Frewin. Runs Oct 13, 2022, booking to Jan 4, 2025. Greg Frewin Theatre, 905-356-0777,



The plays run in repertory from Apr 6 to Dec 22 in Niagara-on-the-Lake, two hours south from Toronto. For tickets and information phone 1-800-511-7429 or visit the website at

At the Festival Theatre

My Fair Lady (musical) by Frederick Loewe & Alan Jay Lerner. The famous musical version of GB Shaw’s Pygmalion. Runs May 25 to Dec 22.

The Mystery of the Human Heart (drama) by Reginald Candy. Has Sherlock Holmes finally met his match? Runs Aug 17 to Oct 13.

One Man, Two Guvnors (comedy) by Richard Bean. Goldoni’s 1746 Venetian farce A Servant of Two Masters updated to Brighton in the 1950s. Runs Jun 22 to Oct 13.

At the Royal George Theatre

Candida (comedy) by G.B. Shaw. Will Candida remain the lawfully wedded partner of a pastor or become the paramour of a poet? Runs Aug 16 to Oct 11.

The Orphan of Chao  (drama) by Michael Man. A doctor sacrifices his own son to keep an orphan alive so he can avenge his family when he comes of age. Runs Jun 22 to October 5.

The Secret Garden (drama) by Jay Turvey & Paul Sportelli. An orphaned girl is unhappy until she finds a secret garden on her uncle’s estate. Runs Jun 23 to Oct 13.

Witness for the Prosecution (drama) by Agatha Christie. When a wealthy older woman is found murdered, her handsome younger lover is the only suspect. Runs Apr 25 to Oct 13. ★★★☆☆

At the Studio Theatre

The House That Will Not Stand (variety) by Marcus Gardley. In 19th-century New Orleans a wealthy free Black woman risks losing everything after the death of her affluent white lover. Runs Jun 21 to Oct 12.

Snow in Midsummer (drama) by Frances Ya-Chu Cowhig. A young widow executed for murder places a curse of her town. Runs Aug 18 to Oct 5.

At the Spiegeltent

Cotton Club  (variety) by the Ensemble. A night in Harlem – sizzling numbers from New York’s hottest nights. Runs Jul 17 to Oct 11.

Kabarett  (variety) by the Ensemble. A night in Berlin during the Weimar era. Runs Jun 14 to Oct 12.

The Shaw Variety Show (variety) by the Ensemble. An old-fashioned variety show packed with comedy, music and magic. Runs May 17 to Oct 6.


Tip of the Iceberg (comedy) by Chris Rait et al. A senior in a remote Newfoundland village thinks all he needs for renewed vigour is glacial ice. Runs Oct 17 to Nov 3. Theatre Orangeville,


The Anger in Ernest and Ernestine (comedy) by Robert Morgan et al. Can a couple in love survive living in a tiny basement apartment? Runs Sep 24 to Oct 6. Great Canadian Theatre Company,

Aux grands maux, les grands discours (performance) by Rémi Villmure. Four actors deliver speeches made by important figures in the history of the 20th century. In French. Runs Oct 11 to Oct 12, Salle Odyssée, Gatineau,

Bolero X / Chamber (dance) by Shahar Binyamini / Madhi Walerski. A celebration of the power of dance and a ritualistic dance balancing order and chaos. Runs Oct 17 to Oct 18. National Arts Centre,

Far From The Norm (dance) by Botis Seva. A dance piece that unites popping, breaking, krump and house. Runs Oct 23 to Oct 24. National Arts Centre,

The Last Resort (musical) by Leslie Arden & Norm Foster. A New York restaurateur on the run from the mob finds himself at a run-down hotel in Saskatchewan. Runs Oct 25 only. Oh Canada Eh?!, 330 Kent St,

The Lion King (musical) by Elton John & Tim Rice. A musical based on the 1994 Disney animated movie. Runs Oct 24 to Nov 10. National Arts Centre,

Oh Canada Eh?! (revue). Archtypal Canadian characters sing over 70 songs from all-Canadian artists. Booking to Dec 28, 2024. Oh Canada Eh?!, 330 Kent St,

Romantic Comedy (comedy) by Bernard Slade. An arrogant but successful co-author of many Broadway comedies needs a new writing partner. Runs Sep 25 to Oct 12. [community] Ottawa Little Theatre,

Sweeney Todd (musical) by Stephen Sonheim. A barber vows to kill the judge who framed him for a crime. Runs Oct 3 to Oct 5. National Arts Centre,

Guilty Conscience (comedy) by Richard Levinson & William Link. A lawyer who is plotting to kill his wife finds out that someone is planning to kill him. Runs Oct 30 to Nov 16. [community] Ottawa Little Theatre,


The Tony Bennett Songbook (revue). A survey of music made famous by the legendary singer.  Previews from Oct 8, opens Oct 10, runs to Oct 27. Victoria Playhouse Petrolia,


Memphis to Motown (revue) by Chris McHarge. A survey of the classic hits from performers who recorded in the two cities. Runs Oct 2 to Oct 13. Lighthouse Festival Theatre,


The Diablo Manor an Evening of Enchantment (magic) by Scott McClelland. A sumptuous meal followed by an intimate Victorian production of mystifying wonders and a séance. Runs May 24 to Nov 30. Diablo Manor,


Dear Jack, Dear Louise (comedy) by Ken Ludwig. A wartime romance develops via correspondence between a US Army Captain and an aspiring actress. Runs Oct 2 to Oct 27. Hildebrand Schoolhouse Theatre, , 1-855-372-9866,

An Inspector Calls (drama) by J.B. Priestly. Inspector Goole questions everyone at a dinner party in connection with the death of a young woman. Runs Oct 9 to Oct 27. St. Jacobs Country Playhouse, 1-855-372-9866,



The plays run in repertory from Apr 16 to Oct 27 in Stratford, two hours west from Toronto. For tickets and information phone 1-800-567-1600 or visit the website at

At the Festival Theatre

London Assurance (comedy) by Dion Boucicault. Sir Harcourt Courtly, an over-the-hill London fop, arrives at Oak Hall to claim his wealthy and scandalously young bride. Runs Aug 22 to Oct 25.

Romeo and Juliet (tragedy) by William Shakespeare. The well-known tale of teens who fall in love despite their feuding families. Runs Jun 1 to Oct 26.

Something Rotten! (musical) by Wayne Kirkpatrick & Karey Kirkpatrick. In Renaissance England the Bottom brothers write a musical to compete with Shakespeare’s plays. Runs May 28 to Oct 27. ★★☆☆☆

Twelfth Night (comedy) by William Shakespeare. Viola loves Orsino who loves Olivia who loves Viola. Runs May 27 to Oct 26. ★★★★

At the Avon Theatre

La Cage aux Folles (musical) by Jerry Herman & Harvey Fierstein. The manager of a drag club in St. Tropez decides to “play it straight” when his son arrives with his fiancée. Runs May 31 to to Oct 26. ★★★★

Salesman in China (drama) by Leanna Bodie & Jovanni Sy. In 1983 playwright Arthur Miller travelled to China to direct a production of his classic play Death of a Salesman. Runs Aug 23 to Oct 26.

Wendy and Peter Pan (musical) by Ella Hickson. Wendy Darling is centre stage in this adaptation of Peter Pan. Runs Jun 15 to Oct 27.

At the Tom Patterson Theatre

The Diviners (drama) by Vern Thiessen. A stage version of Margaret Laurence’s classic novel. Runs Aug 24 to Oct 2.


The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time (drama) by Simon Stephens. A autistic boy tries to solve the mystery of who killed the neighbour’s dog. Runs Oct 20 to Nov 5. Sudbury Theatre Centre,


Relive The Music ’50s & ’60s (revue) by Steve Marshall. The hit songs of two decades packed into one show.

• Oct 1: Capitol Theatre, Chatham

• Oct 2: Centennial Hall, London

• Oct 4: Regent Theatre, Oshawa

• Oct 7: Richmond Hill Centre, Richmond Hill

• Oct 8: Living Arts Centre, Mississauga

• Oct 9: River Run Centre, Guelph

• Oct 10: McIntyre PAC, Hamilton

• Oct 12: Centre in the Square, Kitchener

• Oct 15: Imperial Theatre, Sarnia

• Oct 16: Capitol Theatre, Windsor

• Oct 18: Meridian Theatre, Ottawa

• Oct 21: Aultsville Theatre, Cornwall

We Walk the Line (revue) by Ward Cornforth. A tribute to the lives and music of Johnny and June Cash.

• Oct 5: John Elliot Theatre, Georgetown

• Oct 11: Wingham Town Hall Theatre, Wingham

• Oct 19: Lighthouse Festival Theatre, Port Dover

• Oct 26: Orillia Opera House, Orillia

Wild Kratts LIVE! 2.0 (children) by Martin & Chris Kratt. A live show where Martin and Chris activate their creature powers in a typical Wild Kratts adventure.

• Oct 17: Budweiser Gardens, London

• Oct 18: Sanderson Centre, Brantford

• Oct 19: Meridian Hall, Toronto

• Oct 20: FirstOntario Concert Hall, Hamilton