Stage Door Listings

July 2024

The Thousand Islands Playhouse presents Mamma Mia! from July 2 to August 4 in Gananoque.


Larger Theatres (Professional)

Echo (circus) by Cirque du Soleil. The girl Future discovers that her choices can influence the world as it evolves. Runs May 8 to Jul 21. Big Top, 2150 Lake Shore Blvd West,

The Fairy Queen (opera) by Henry Purcell. Young people gather to escape the city and indulge in the magic of nature. Runs Jul 11 only. Koerner Hall,

Mean Girls (musical) by Jeff Richmond & Nell Benjamin. Newbie Cady tries to rise to the top of the popularity pecking order at her new school. Runs Jul 30 to Aug 25. Royal Alexandra Theatre, 1-800-461-3333,

Royal Canadian International Circus  (circus). A traditional one-ring circus but without exotic animals. Runs Jul 18 to Jul 28. Scarborough,

Tina - The Tina Turner Musical (musical) by Katori Hall. The story of the woman who broke brarriers and became the Queen of Rock ’n’ Roll. Runs Jun 18 to Jul 28. CAA Ed Mirvish Theatre, 1-800-461-3333,

Wicked (musical) by Stephen Schwartz. The story of the witches of Oz before Dorothy arrived. Runs Jun 5 to Jul 21. Princess of Wales Theatre, 1-800-461-3333,

Smaller Theatres (Professional)

Family Fest (festival). A variety of free performances and activities for people of all ages. Runs Jul 10 to Jul 14. Guild Festival Theatre,

Hamlet (tragedy) by William Shakespeare. The ghost of Hamlet’s father tells Hamlet to avenge his death. Runs Jul 21 to Sep 1. High Park Amphitheatre,

A Steetcar Named Desire (drama) by Tennessee Williams. Fragile Blanche DuBois seeks safety with her sister but instead confronts a brutal reality. Previews from Jun 13, opens Jun 18, runs to Jul 7. Young Centre,

Three Men on a Bike (comedy) by Mark Brownell. Three British bachelors spend a disastrous holiday bicycling through Germany. Runs Jul 18 to Aug 4. Guild Festival Theatre,

Toronto Fringe Festival (festival). A festival of 100 new theatre pieces from Toronto, Canada, and around the world. Runs Jul 3 to Jul 14. Various venues.

Smaller Theatres (Student and Community)

Arsenic and Old Lace (comedy) by Joseph Kesselring. Two prim spinsters mke it their life’s work to put unhappy young men out of their misery. Runs Jul 5 to Jul 20. [community] Scarborough Village Theatre,


Anne of Green Gables (musical) by Norman Campbell & Don Harron. A musical based on Lucy maud Montgomery’s beloved novel. Runs Jul 17 to Jul 28. Village Playhouse,


Simcoe County Theatre Festival (festival). A festival of new plays. Runs Jul 10 to Jul 21. Five Points Theatre,


The Farm Show: Then and Now (drama) by the Ensemble. A remount of the original play from 1972 plus a look at how it led to the creation of the Blyth Festival. Runs Jun 14 to Aug 4. Harvest Stage,

The Golden Anniversaries (comedy) by Mark Crawford. Glen and Sandy Golden celebrate 50 years of wedded bliss until they start to remember a few things. Runs Jul 4 to Aug 4. Memorial Hall,

Resort to Murder (comedy) by Birgitte Solem. Brett and Viv dream of turning an old country mansion into a resort until suddenly the lights go out. Runs Jul 24 to Aug 31. Memorial Hall,

Saving Graceland (comedy) by Gil Garratt. It’s 2019 and a couple has never missed the Collingwood Elvis Festival in 25 years, but the arrival of their grandchild upends their plans. Runs Jun 21 to Aug 3. Memorial Hall,

The Trials of Maggie Pollock (drama) by Beverley Cooper. The true story of the woman who in 1919 became the last woman in Canada to be convicted of witchcraft. Runs Jul 31 to Aug 29. Memorial Hall,


The Music of 007 (revue) by Rebecca Perry. Perry tells stories about the James Bond movies and sings some of their best-known theme songs. Runs Jul 17 to Jul 21. Globus Theatre,

Where You Are (comedy) by Kristen Da Silva. Sisters Glenda and Suzanne are living a quiet life on Manitoulin Island until Suzanne’s daughter Beth arrives.  Runs Jul 3 to Jul 13. Globus Theatre,

Who Killed The King? (comedy) by Sarah Quick. There is one fewer Elvis at the end of a small town’s annual Elvis Festival. Runs Jul 24 to Aug 3. Globus Theatre,


Helen, Annie and Alec (drama). A play about the friendship between Alexander Graham Bell and Helen Keller. Runs Jul 26 to Aug 4. Bell Homestead,


Priscilla, Queen of the Desert (musical) by Stephan Elliott & Allan Scott. Three drag queens set out on a trek across the Australian outback. Runs Jul 24 to Aug 10. Hamilton Family Theatre, 1-855-372-9866,

Steel Magnolias (comedy) by Robert Harling. In a small-town Louisiana beauty parlour six southern women learn to embrace the future. Runs Jun 19 to Jul 6. Hamilton Family Theatre, 1-855-372-9866,


2024 Porchside Festival (festival). A collection of revues, concerts and plays performed on various porches throughout Collingwood. Runs Ju1 10 to Jul 31. Theatre Collingwood,


Killers in the Outfield (comedy). Someone is murdered at the retirement party for a Third Base Coach and you have to help solve the crime. Runs Jul 20 only. Capitol 33,


Halfway There (comedy) by Norm Foster. A heartbroken doctor from Toronto becomes interested in a waitress at a diner in Stewiacke, NS. Runs Jul 3 to Jul 21. Drayton Festival Theatre, 1-855-372-9866,


Into the Woods (musical) by Stephen Sondheim. Stories of various characters from Grimms’ fairy tales become intertwined. Runs Jul 7 to Sep 1. Grove Theatre Festival,


Mamma Mia! (musical) by Benny Anderssen & Björn Ulvaeus. A young woman invites all three of her possible fathers to her wedding on a Greek island. Runs Jul 2 to Aug 4. Springer Theatre, 1000 Islands Playhouse,


Doris and Ivy in the Home (comedy) by Norm Foster. In a retirement home Doris, a former prison guard, befriends Ivy, a former champion skier. Runs Jul 11 to Jul 28. South Huron Stage, 1-855-372-9866,

Jersey Boys (musical) by Bob Gaudio & Bob Crewe. The story of the rise of Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons. Runs Jul 10 to Aug 3. Huron Contry Playhouse, 1-855-372-9866,


Hamilton Fringe Festival (festival). A festival of new work. Runs Jul 17 to Jul 28. Various venues,


County Fair (drama) by Kydra Ryan. A look at the Norfolk County Fair in 2012 when teenagers experience their last fair as students. Runs Jul 17 to Jul 20. Fanshawe Pioneer Village,


Einstein! (drama) by Jack Fry. Einstein comes back from beyond, frustrated that no one has heard the real science history behind General Relativity. Runs Jul 23 to Jul 27. Meaford Hall,

Mysteries of the Keyhole House (magic) by Ted and Marion Outerbridge. The story told through magic of the once dilapidated historic home where the Outerbridges currently live. Runs Jul 9 to Jul 13. Meaford Hall,


Jim Watts: Girl Reporter (drama) by Beverley Cooper. The story of trailblazing youth who illegally flocked to Spain to fight fascism in the mid-1930s. Runs from Jul 30 to Aug 24. Winslow Farm,

Onion Skins & Peach Fuzz: The Farmerettes (comedy) by Alison Lawrence. The story of the teenage girls who worked on farms across Canada to feed the troops during WWII. Runs from Jul 1 to Jul 20. Winslow Farm,


Bedtime Stories (comedy) by Norm Foster. The lives of 15 different characters are revealed in 6 different bedrooms. Runs Jul 4 to Jul 28. Upper Canada Playhouse,


Canadiana (revue). A celebration of Canadian music through the years. Runs May 28, 2024, booking to Dec 19, 2024. Greg Frewin Theatre, 905-356-0777,

Wonder (magic) by Greg Frewin. Christian Mascia performs new large-scale illusions designed by Greg Frewin. Runs Oct 13, 2022, booking to Jan 4, 2025. Greg Frewin Theatre, 905-356-0777,



The plays run in repertory from Apr 6 to Dec 22 in Niagara-on-the-Lake, two hours south from Toronto. For tickets and information phone 1-800-511-7429 or visit the website at

At the Festival Theatre

My Fair Lady (musical) by Frederick Loewe & Alan Jay Lerner. The famous musical version of GB Shaw’s Pygmalion. Runs May 25 to Dec 22.

The Mystery of the Human Heart (drama) by Reginald Candy. Has Sherlock Holmes finally met his match? Previews from Jul 31, opens Aug 17, runs to Oct 13.

One Man, Two Guvnors (comedy) by Richard Bean. Goldoni’s 1746 Venetian farce A Servant of Two Masters updated to Brighton in the 1950s. Runs Jun 22 to Oct 13.

At the Royal George Theatre

Candida (comedy) by G.B. Shaw. Will Candida remain the lawfully wedded partner of a pastor or become the paramour of a poet? Previews from Jul 13, opens Aug 16, runs to Oct 11.

The Orphan of Chao  (drama) by Michael Man. A doctor sacrifices his own son to keep an orphan alive so he can avenge his family when he comes of age. Runs Jun 22 to October 5.

The Secret Garden (drama) by Jay Turvey & Paul Sportelli. An orphaned girl is unhappy until she finds a secret garden on her uncle’s estate. Runs Jun 23 to Oct 13.

Witness for the Prosecution (drama) by Agatha Christie. When a wealthy older woman is found murdered, her handsome younger lover is the only suspect. Runs Apr 25 to Oct 13.

At the Studio Theatre

The House That Will Not Stand (variety) by Marcus Gardley. In 19th-century New Orleans a wealthy free Black woman risks losing everything after the death of her affluent white lover. Runs Jun 21 to Oct 12.  

At the Spiegeltent

Cotton Club  (variety) by the Ensemble. A night in Harlem – sizzling numbers from New York’s hottest nights. Runs Jul 17 to Oct 11.

Kabarett  (variety) by the Ensemble. A night in Berlin during the Weimar era. Runs Jun 14 to Oct 12.

The Shaw Variety Show (variety) by the Ensemble. An old-fashioned variety show packed with comedy, music and magic. Runs May 17 to Oct 6.  


Every Brilliant Thing (comedy) by Duncan Macmillan. To help his depressed mother a young boy makes a list of everything that brings joy to their lives. Runs Jul 24 to Aug 9. Orillia Opera House,

The Long Weekend (comedy) by Norm Foster. Two married couples go away for a long weekend together but everything goes awry. Runs Jul 3 to Jul 19. Orillia Opera House,

Splash ’N Boots (children) by Nick Adams & Taes Leavitt. The couple entertain children through their signature songs, music, dancing and skits. For ages 4-10. Runs Jul 6 to Jul 7. Tudhope Park,


Escape to Margaritaville  (musical) by Jimmy Buffet. On an island paradise a part-time bartender thinks he’s got things all figured out until a beautiful tourist steals his heart. Runs Jul 5 to Jul 21. Regent Theatre,


Don Juan (musical) by Félix Gray. The famous seducer finally falls in love – but with a woman promised to another. In French. Runs Jul 31 to Aug 3. National Arts Centre,

Hilda’s Yard (comedy) by Norm Foster. In 1956 just when the Flucks are enjoying their empty nest, their two grown children return home. Runs Jul 17 to Aug 3. [community] Ottawa Little Theatre,

Oh Canada Eh?! (revue). Archtypal Canadian characters sing over 70 songs from all-Canadian artists. Booking to Oct 14, 2024. Oh Canada Eh?!, 330 Kent St,

Le Prénom (comedy) by Matthieu Delaporte & d’Alexandre de La Patellière. Vincent is happy finally to be a father, but his friends and family disapprove of the given name he has chosen for his son. In French. Runs Jul 19 to Jul 20. Salle Odyssée, Gatineau,

Pub Royal (musical) by Cowboys Fringants. Singers, dancers and circus artists mix at the wackiest bar in Quebec. Runs Jul 25 to Jul 27. National Arts Centre,  


Steel Magnolias (comedy) by Robert Harling. In a small-town Louisiana beauty parlour six southern women learn to embrace the future. Runs Jul 11 to Jul 28. King’s Wharf Theatre, 1-855-372-9866,


Sweet Soul Music (revue) by D2 Entertainment. Get ready to move and groove in this is non-stop parade of soul. Previews from Jul 2, opens Jul 4, runs to Jul 28. Victoria Playhouse Petrolia,


Royal Canadian International Circus  (circus). A traditional one-ring circus but without exotic animals. Runs Jul 4 to Jul 14.


Mary’s Wedding (drama) by Stephen Massicotte. Mary and Charlie fall in love in 1914 when the world is collapsing into war. Runs Jul 24 to Aug 4. Roselawn Theatre,

Murder at Ackerton Manor (comedy) by Steven Gallagher. Three actors play seven roles in this Agatha Christie murder mystery spoof. Runs Jul 3 to Jul 14. Roselawn Theatre,


Mary’s Wedding (drama) by Stephen Massicotte. Mary and Charlie fall in love in 1914 when the world is collapsing into war. Runs Jul 3 to Jul 20. Lighthouse Festival Theatre,

The Sweet Delilah Swim Club (comedy) by Jesse Jones et al.. Five Southern women set aside a long weekend every August to recharge their friendships. Runs Jul 24 to Aug 10. Lighthouse Festival Theatre,


The Full Monty (musical) by David Yazbek. A group of unemployed steelworkers from Buffalo come up with a bold way to make some quick cash. Runs Jul 12 to Jul 28. Capitol Theatre,

Gabs Sings Babs (revue) by Gabi Epstein. Epstein charts her own artistic journey via the songs of Barbra Steisand. Runs Jul 31 to Aug 11. Capitol Theatre,


The Musical of Musicals: The Musical (comedy) by Joanne Bogart & Eric Rockwell. One story is told in five distinctive styles of musical. Runs Jul 11 to Jul 27. Scugog Shores Museum Village,


Hurry Hard (comedy) by Kristen Da Silva. The Stayner Curling Club needs to  defeat and destroy arch nemesis, Meaford. Runs Jul 17 to Aug 3. Port Stanley Festival Theatre,

They’re Found in Trees (comedy) by Norm Foster. Birders, William, and Mitchell, sit under the same tree every Saturday, and then along comes Paula. Runs Jun 19 to Jul 13. Port Stanley Festival Theatre,


She Stoops to Conquer (comedy) by Oliver Goldsmith. Two aristocrats mistake a country house for an inn. Runs Jul 17 to Aug 10. Kinsmen Amphitheatre,

The Tempest (comedy) by William Shakespeare. A magician marooned with his daughter on a desert island plans revenge on his enemies. Runs Jul 13 to Aug 10. Kinsmen Amphitheatre,


Those Movies (comedy) by Norm Foster. Two couples accidentally find themselves on a double date. Runs Jul 4 to Jul 14. Mandeville Theatre, Ridley College,

Whit’s End (comedy) by Norm Foster. Whit, a letter-carrier, has news for his grown children that they don’t expect. Runs Jul 25 to Aug 4. Mandeville Theatre, Ridley College,


Doris and Ivy in the Home (comedy) by Norm Foster. In a retirement home Doris, a former prison guard, befriends Ivy, a former champion skier. Runs Jun 19 to Jul 6. St. Jacobs Country Playhouse, 1-855-372-9866,

The Marvelous Wonderettes (musical) by Roger Bean. Four girls in 1958 and then in 1968 sing about their lives and loves in 30 familiar tunes. Runs Jul 9 to Sep 1. Hildebrand Schoolhouse Theatre, 1-855-372-9866,


Godspell (musical) by Stephen Schwartz. A wandering troupe of actors perform the parables of Jesus. Runs Jul 25 to Aug 3. Stirling Festival Theatre,



A festival of one-act plays of 60 to 90 minutes, including 5 world premieres. Runs Jun 19 to Sep 28, 2024. Stratford Perth Museum, 4275 Huron Rd,

Paul and Linda Plan a Threesome (comedy) by Jane Cooper Ford. An uptight Rosedale couple encounter a hilariously disastrous night when they try to open-mindedly plan a threesome to save their marriage. Runs  Jun 19 to Jul 6.

The Saviour (drama) by Deirdre Kinahan. On the morning of her 67th birthday, Máire sits up in bed; a man is downstairs but all is not well. Runs Jul 31 to Aug 16.

12 Dinners (comedy) by Steve Ross. A heartfelt, funny and poignant look into one family’s journey towards understanding each other. Previews from Jul 10, opens Jul 12, runs to Jul 27.


The plays run in repertory from Apr 16 to Oct 27 in Stratford, two hours west from Toronto. For tickets and information phone 1-800-567-1600 or visit the website at

At the Festival Theatre

Romeo and Juliet (tragedy) by William Shakespeare. The famous tale of star-crossed lovers. Runs Jun 1 to Oct 26.

Something Rotten! (musical) by Wayne Kirkpatrick & Karey Kirkpatrick. In Renaissance England the Bottom brothers write a musical to compete with Shakespeare’s plays. Runs May 28 to Oct 27.

Twelfth Night (comedy) by William Shakespeare. Viola loves Orsino who loves Olivia who loves Viola. Runs May 27 to Oct 26.

At the Avon Theatre

La Cage aux Folles (musical) by Jerry Herman & Harvey Fierstein. The manager of a drag club in St. Tropez decides to “play it straight” when his son arrives with his fiancée. Runs May 31 to to Oct 26.

Wendy and Peter Pan (musical) by Ella Hickson. Wendy Darling is centre stage in this adaptation of Peter Pan. Runs Jun 15 to Oct 27.

At the Tom Patterson Theatre

Cymbeline (drama) by William Shakespeare. Imogen tries to do good in a world full of evil. Runs May 29 to Sep 28.

The Great Fire (drama) by Roland Schimmelpfennig. Within a familiar folk setting of competing rural villages, we see a magical world beset by prejudice, misunderstanding and plague. Runs Jul 25, 26 & 27.

Hedda Gabler (drama) by Henrik Ibsen. After her honeymoon Hedda is already bored with her husband and the respectable life he represents. Runs May 30 to Sep 28.

At the Studio Theatre

Get That Hope (drama) by Andrea Scott. While celebrating Jamaican Independence Day in Toronto, a squabbling family’s secrets come to the surface. Previews from Jul 21, opens Aug 10, runs to Sep 28.

The Goat or Who Is Sylvia? (drama) by Edward Albee. Martin Gray’s wife suspects he is having an affair, but the object of his affection tests everyone’s tolerance. Previews from Jun 26, opens Aug 9, runs to Sep 29.


Chicago (musical) by John Kander & Fred Ebb. Two murderesses in the Cook County Jail vie for the spotlight. Runs Jul 9 to Aug 3. Sudbury Theatre Centre,