Stage Door Review Index L

Lady from the Sea, The (play) by Henrik Ibsen, Niagara-on-the-Lake, 2015

Lady in the Dark (musical) by Kurt Weill, Toronto, 2006

Lady in the Van, The (play) by Alan Bennett, London, GBR, 2000

Lady Julie (play) by August Strindberg, Toronto, 2013

Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk (opera) by Dmitri Shostakovich, Toronto, 2007

Lady of Letters, A (play) by Alan Bennett, Toronto, 2014

Lady Windermere’s Fan (play) by Oscar Wilde, Niagara-on-the-Lake, 2013

Ladykillers, The (play) by Graham Linehan, Niagara-on-the-Lake, 2019

Lakeboat (play) by David Mamet, Toronto, 2015

Lakmé (opera) by Léo Delibes, Hamilton, 2003

Land des Lächelns, Das (operetta) by Franz Lehár, Toronto, 2002

Land des Lächelns, Das (operetta) by Franz Lehár, Berlin, GER, 2007

Land des Lächelns, Das (operetta) by Franz Lehár, Toronto, 2013

Land of Promise, The (play) by W. Somerset Maugham, Toronto, 2015

Laramie Project, The (play) by Moisés Kaufman, Toronto, 2003

Lark, The (play) by Jean Anouilh, Stratford, 2005

Larry’s Party (musical) by Marek Norman & Richard Ouzounian, Toronto, 2001

Last Christmas Turkey, The (musical) by Clive VanderBurgh & Dan Needles, Orangeville, 2017

Last Confession, The (play) by Roger Crane, Toronto, 2014

Last Days of Judas Iscariot, The (play) by Stephen Adly Guirgis, Toronto, 2009

Last Donnelly Standing, The (play) by Paul Thompson & Gil Garratt, Blyth, 2016

Last Empress, The (musical) by Hui Gap Kim & In Ja Yang, Toronto, 2004

Last Five Years, The (musical) by Jason Robert Brown, Toronto, 2004

Last Party, The (musical) by Nicky Phillips & Steven Gallagher, Toronto, 2018

Last Ship, The (musical) by Sting and Lorne Campbell, Toronto, 2019

Last to Go (play) by Harold Pinter, Toronto, 2019

Last Wife, The (play) by Kate Hennig, Stratford, 2015

Late Company (play) by Jordan Tannahill, 2015

Late Henry Moss, The (play) by Sam Shepard, Toronto, 2004

Laura (play) by Vera Caspary & George Sklar, Niagara-on-the-Lake, 2001

Laura’s Cow: The Legend of Laura Secord (opera) by Errol Gay, Toronto, 2012

Laws of Motion (play) by Ashlin Halfnight, Toronto, 2013

Leaving Home (play) by David French, Toronto, 2007

Leçon, La (play) by Eugène Ionesco, Toronto, 2001

Leçon, La (play) by Eugène Ionesco, Toronto, 2012

Legally Blonde The Musical (musical) by Laurence O’Keefe, Toronto, 2010

Legoland (play) by Jacob Richmond, Toronto, 2013

Lenin’s Embalmers (play) by Vern Thiessen, Toronto, 2010

LEO (performance) by Tobias Wegner, Toronto, 2015

Léo (play) by Rosa Labordé, Toronto, 2006

Leo, the Royal Cadet (operetta) by Oscar Telgmann, Toronto, 2001

Leo, the Royal Cadet (operetta) by Oscar Telgmann, Toronto, 2010

Lesson of Da Ji, The (opera) by Alice Ping Yee Ho, Toronto, 2013

Let Me Borrow That Top (play) by Anita Majumdar, Toronto, 2017

Let’s Play House (dance/theatre) by Jonathon Neville & Carlynn Reed, Toronto, 2011

Letters to My Grandma (play) by Anusree Roy, Toronto, 2009

Letters to Saint Rita (play) by Michael Ripley, Toronto, 2014

Lettice and Lovage (play) by Peter Shaffer, Kitchener, 2002

Lettre bien tapée, Une (play) by Sacha Guitry, Toronto, 2005

Liar, The (play) by Pierre Corneille, Stratford, 2006

Liar, The (play) by Pierre Corneille, Toronto, 2018

Liars at a Funeral (play) by Sophia Fabiilli, Toronto, 2017

Libation Bearers, The (play) by Aeschylus, Toronto, 2000

Libertine, The (play) by Thomas Shadwell, Barrie, 2017

Licking Knives (play) by Melanie Hrymak, Toronto, 2015

Lie of the Mind, A (play) by Sam Shepard, Toronto, 2004

Liebesverbot, Das (opera) by Richard Wagner, Madrid, ESP, 2016

Lieutenant of Inishmore, The (play) by Martin McDonagh, London, GBR, 2018

Life After (musical) by Britta Johnson, Toronto, 2017

Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby, The, Parts 1 & 2, (plays) by David Edgar, Toronto, 2008

Life and Death of Marina Abramović, The (performance) by Robert Wilson, Toronto, 2013

Life as a Pomegranate (play) by Dawna Wightman, Toronto, 2013

Life, Death and The Blues  (play) by Raoul Bhaneja, Toronto, 2014

LIFE: The Evolution of Man (abridged) (play) by Elan Fabiarz, Toronto, 2006

Light (play) by Simon McBurney & Matthew Broughton, London, GBR, 2000

Light in the Piazza, The (musical) by Adam Guettel, Toronto, 2010

Light in the Piazza, The (musical) by Adam Guettel, Niagara-on-the-Lake, 2013

Light Up the Sky (play) by Moss Hart, Niagara-on-the-Lake, 2015

Like Father, Like Son? Sorry. (play) by Chris Gibbs, Toronto, 2010

Lil' Red Robin Hood (panto) by Matt Murray, Toronto, 2019

Lilies (play) by Michael Marc Bouchard, Toronto, 2019

Lion in Winter, The (play) by James Goldman, Toronto, 2006

Lion King, The (musical) by Elton John & Tim Rice, Toronto, 2001

Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, The (play) by Adrian Mitchell, Stratford, 2016

Lipsynch (play) by Robert Lepage et al., Toronto, 2009

List, The (play) by Jennifer Tremblay, Toronto, 2010

Little Flower of East Orange, The (play) by Stephen Adly Guirgis, Toronto, 2013

Little Foxes, The (play) by Lillian Hellman, Niagara-on-the-Lake, 2008

Little House on the Prairie (musical) by Rachel Portman, Toronto, 2010

Little Menace: Pinter Plays (plays) by Harold Pinter, Toronto, 2019

Little Mercy’s First Murder (musical) by P. Sportelli, J. Turvey & M. Brebner, Toronto, 2003

Little Mermaid, The (musical) by Alan Menken & Howard Ashman, Cambridge, 2014

Little Miss Understood (play) by Stephanie Fowler, Toronto, 2014

Little Night Music, A (musical) by Stephen Sondheim, Stratford, 2016

Little One (play) by Hannah Moscovitch, Toronto, 2013

Little Pretty and The Exceptional (play) by Anusree Roy, Toronto, 2017

Little Prince, The (play) by Anne Marie Mortensen, Kingston, 2020

Little Shop of Horrors (musical) by A. Menken & H. Ashman, Stratford, 2019

Little Too Cozy, A (opera) by W. A. Mozart, Toronto, 2016

Little Years, The (play) by John Mighton, Stratford, 2011

Littoral (play) by Wajdi Mouawad, Toronto, 2005

Liv Stein (play) by Nino Haratischwili, Toronto, 2017

Living Tall (play) by Mike Geither, Toronto, 2007

Living Together (play) by Alan Ayckbourn, Toronto, 2013

Living Will (play) by Helen-Claire Tingling, Toronto, 2018

Living with Henry (musical) by Christopher Wilson, Toronto, 2011

Lo (or Dear Mr. Wells) (play) by Rose Napoli, Ottawa, 2019

Lobby Hero (play) by Kenneth Lonergan, Toronto, 2003

Lohengrin (opera) by Richard Wagner, Copenhagen, DEN, 2002

London Assurance (play) by Dion Boucicault, Stratford, 2006

London Road (musical) by Adam Cork & Alecky Blythe, Toronto, 2014

Lonely Lives (play) by Gerhart Hauptmann, London, GBR, 2000

Lonesome West, The (play) by Martin McDonagh, Toronto, 2002

Long Day’s Journey Into Night (play) by Eugene O’Neill, Toronto, 2012.02

Long Day’s Journey Into Night (play) by Eugene O’Neill, Washington, DC, 2012.04

Long Day’s Journey Into Night (play) by Eugene O’Neill, Stratford, 2018

Long Red Road, The (play) by Brett C. Leonard, Toronto, 2011

Look Back in Anger (play) by John Osborne, Toronto, 2003

Look Back in Anger (play) by John Osborne, Toronto, 2013

Loot (play) by Joe Orton, Toronto, 2009

Lorax, The (play) by David Greig, Toronto, 2017

Lord of the Rings, The (musical) by A.R. Rahman, Toronto, 2006

Lost Boys, The (play) by R.H. Thomson, Toronto, 2002

Lost Souls and Missing Persons (play) by Sally Clark, Toronto, 2007

Lot and His God (play) by Howard Barker, Toronto, 2015

Lotus, A Flower Comes Out Once More (dance) by Kim Chunghan, Seoul, KOR, 2017

Louis Riel (opera) by Harry Somers, Toronto, 2017

Love Among the Russians (plays) by Anton Chekhov, Niagara-on-the-Lake, 2006

Love and Information (play) by Caryl Churchill, Toronto, 2018

Love from a Stranger (play) by Frank Vosper, Niagara-on-the-Lake, 2001

Love from Afar (opera) by Kaija Saariaho, Toronto, 2012

Love’s Labours Lost (play) by William Shakespeare, Stratford, 2008

Love’s Labours Lost (play) by William Shakespeare, Stratford, 2015

Love, Loss, and What I Wore (play) by Nora and Delia Ephron, Toronto, 2010

Love, So Says ... (dance) by Michael Caldwell, Toronto, 2008

Love, Virtually (play) by Chloë Whitehorn, Toronto, 2011

Lovely Sunday for Creve Coeur, A (play) by Tennessee Williams, Niagara-on-the-Lake, 2014

Lover, The (play) by Harold Pinter, Toronto, 2005

LoveSexMoney (play) by Kat Sandler, Toronto, 2012

Loving the Stranger or how to recognize an invert (performance) by Alistair Newton, Toronto, 2012

LU XUN blossoms (play) by Dean Gilmour & Michele Smith, Toronto, 2011

Luba, Simply Luba (play) by Diane Flacks, Toronto, 2012

Lucas et Cécile (opera) by Joseph Quesnel, Toronto, 2001

Lucia di Lammermoor (opera) by Gaetano Donizetti, Toronto, 2004

Lucia di Lammermoor (opera) by Gaetano Donizetti, Toronto, 2013

Lucio Silla (opera) by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Toronto, 2016

Luisa Fernanda (operetta) by F.M. Torroba, Toronto, 2011

Luisa Miller (opera) by Giuseppe Verdi, Toronto, 2007

Lunenburg (play) by Norm Foster, St. Catharines, 2017

Lungs (play) by Duncan Macmillan, Toronto, 2014

Lustige Witwe, Die (operetta) by Franz Lehár, Kitchener, 2001

Lustige Witwe, Die (operetta) by Franz Lehár, Toronto, 2012

Luzia (circus) by Cirque du Soleil, Toronto, 2016